Pre-Approvals allow you to obtain authorization for expenses before they are incurred

Is Pre-Approval Required?

If your company requires trips or certain other expenditures to be approved before purchase, you may be interested in using our Pre-Approval process. The Pre-Approval process requires an employee to submit a separate report, describing and providing the estimated cost for the expenditure.

Pre-Approval Report Header


Add Items Requiring Pre-Approval

Pre-Approval reports work similarly to expense reports in that compliance and routing rules can be put in place to enforce policy. Pre-Approvals are then linked to the actual expense report thus providing approvers and auditors with visibility into whether the actual spend was aligned with approved costs. Optionally, your system can be configured to populate the expense report header information and line items directly from the pre-approval.

Enforcing a Pre-Approval authorization process provides companies with better budget / cost control, as money is spent only on justified and approved items. The question to ask is whether your company requires the formality of having another report to govern the process, or if cost management by managers outside the system is sufficient.

Note:  If you are utilizing the services of a travel provider, you may already have travel pre-approval built into that process

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