Non-profits and NGOs need to maintain a close eye on spend and ensure that expenses are carefully tracked to ensure compliance with grant regulations and other internal policies. 
Chrome River’s expense and invoice management solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of non-profits and NGOs, enabling them to reduce administrative costs, track and minimize wasteful spend, and focus on their core missions.

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Robust, User-friendly Expense Management

Chrome River EXPENSE is a fast, fluid, mobile web solution that offers the latest innovations in expense management, enabling employees and non-employees to easily submit expenses. It delivers the same straightforward user experience across all devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops – so no matter where your users are, they can easily submit expenses for rapid reimbursement. Chrome River EXPENSE’s powerful analytics and expense reporting capabilities make it easy to track spend versus grants’ requirements.

Per Diem and GSA Rate Support

Many non-profits and NGOs have employees and volunteers working around the world, crossing borders whenever necessary to bring assistance. Chrome River manages and automatically updates GSA CONUS / OCONUS tables within the system, making expenses easier for users to file, while reducing the administrative burden for approvers to manually adjust per diems based on location. At the end of the day, many non-profits operate worldwide and require truly global expense management solutions.

Multiple Grant Regulations and Complex Project Tracking

In many instances, grants power research and aid, but tracking these expenses can be burdensome. As different grants require greater or lesser levels of granularity when it comes to managing and reporting spend, you need a solution that is configured to meet specific needs. Chrome River has the flexibility and strength to support multiple business rules, tailored for each grantor. For complex and high-volume project tracking, we offer the ability to automate, filter and easily allocate to various projects.

Non-employee Expense Handling

Many non-profits have considerable numbers of non-employees and volunteers - who may file just one or two expense reports for a specific initiative. Therefore, the cost and administrative hassle of adding them to the system can far outweigh the benefits of doing so. Chrome River enables organizations to simply import lists of approved non-employees from 1099 forms, and allow expenses to be filed centrally based on the business rules in place.

Chrome River also enables organizations to create unique expense report types, or expense types for employees with varying allowable reimbursements, as well as the ability to have a departmental admin or delegate quickly create expense reimbursements on non-employees’ behalf.  This feature saves so much time and keeps volunteers reimbursed in a timely manner so they can concentrate on the task in front of them.

Invoice and Payment Management

There are many corporate card programs and automated payment solutions geared toward non-profits. Are you maximizing rebates, incentives and other benefits available through these non-profit sponsored programs? Chrome River's invoice automation software integrates with all of these programs at no additional cost, while helping gain visibility and control over approval, allocation and policy application for all supplier invoices.

If you don't have an electronic payment strategy in place yet, Chrome River PAYMENTS contacts your vendors to determine their preferred payment vehicle, and issue electronic payments or checks to all vendors, resulting in potential rebates back to your organization.

Operational Expense Management

Chrome River's expense management is a single solution that supports both travel and operational expenses incurred by employees, accommodates credit card integration, and offers extensive p-card-specific functionality that allows card holders to easily allocate charges to cost centers and allocations geared to your specific spending categories.

Straightforward Itemization

Chrome River automatically itemizes expenses, reducing the need to manually key in data, so tracking allowable versus non-allowable expenses for grants can be done quickly and easily.

Robust Reporting and Visibility

Given non-profits’ need for greater levels of transparency into their spending than for for-profit organizations, an expense management solution must support that requirement, both for operational and travel spend. Chrome River offers detailed, tailored dashboards to track and manage spend, included within the EXPENSE solution.

A Mobile Solution Where and When You Need It

With some much work done in hotels, at conferences, and out in the field, non-profits need expense management that is truly mobile. Chrome River uses a web application with HTML5 and responsive design.  This means that every employee sees the exact same interface no matter the device.  This also means little or no training for remote employees because the interface is so intuitive and easy-to-use.

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Much of the Foundation’s work requires frequent international travel so we’re most excited to implement the per diem wizard and the built-in foreign exchange conversion. We are thrilled that Chrome River simplifies the travel reimbursement process, so using these tools, our staff will no longer have to look up rates or do time consuming manual calculations! Dan Warco The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

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