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As your organization strives for growth, you need to attract and retain top talent to sustain that growth. Today’s workforce expects their organizations to provide them with modern technologies that will help them do their jobs more efficiently.  They prefer applications that offer an intuitive experience so that they can increase efficiencies, enhance their agility, and gain insights to make strategic decisions.
Chrome River delivers this by providing future-ready technology and a superior customer journey through a suite of innovative solutions that address challenges finance leaders encounter on a day-to-day basis. The Chrome River suite of solutions manages all of an organization’s spend from expense management to accounts payable automation while driving operational efficiency, providing insights to make data driven business decisions, and by offering the agility to grow and change with your evolving business needs.


Chrome River Expense provides your organization with the ability to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase visibility while offering your teams the ultimate employee experience. Expense allows you to create, submit, and approve expenses anytime, anywhere, and on any device, providing you with the flexibility you need for an efficient workflow. Additionally, Expense is highly configurable, allowing you to create and adjust your policies so that you can remain compliant and easily evolve as your organization grows.


Chrome River Invoice allows your organization to gain insights into your spend, increase efficiencies with streamlined invoice processing, and enhance your back office agility to ensure future-readiness. Invoice helps you unlock the strategic value of accounts payable through world-class automation to eliminate manual tasks so you can focus on what really matters—managing spending.

Matching your purchase order and receiving documents has never been easier with seamless integration with your preferred purchase order solution. Combine agile integration capabilities with an exception-based workflow to ensure payments to vendors are accurate.  You can also leverage  the Chrome River Purchase Order module to provide an intuitive and modern method to request goods and services all while ensuring compliance with policy.


Emburse Pay enables your organization to lower your operating costs and manage cash flow by automating the payment process. Automate B2B payments, issue virtual and physical credit cards, and manage global reimbursements in one elegant platform. Our integrated suite of global payments solutions let’s you simplify, automate, and control corporate expenses.


Chrome River’s agnostic approach to Travel allows your organization to fully integrate with the online booking tool or travel management company of your choice. Whether you work with a local travel company or large global provider we make it easy for you to do business with your preferred vendors hand in hand with Chrome River. We also offer hotel and car folio integration to make life on the go even easier. Users simply send their hotel or car rental receipts to Chrome River to be analyzed and the data is converted by line item for easy drag and drop into your expense report.


Chrome River offers a comprehensive open integration platform that empowers you with the choice and flexibility you need to partner with solutions that are purpose-built to solve your business challenges.  Chrome River Connect provides real-time synchronization between your financial system of record and allows your business systems to seamlessly  communicate with and leverage data from Chrome River. This level of connectedness gives you the insight to make strategic decisions based on data and dramatically reduces processing time required to manually enter data in multiple systems.


Emburse Audit combines the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence with a team of independent experts to offload your entire spend auditing process to increase your team's efficiency, quickly identify out-of-policy spend and reduce risk. Intelligent machine learning algorithms help our team of auditors easily identify which invoices, receipts and policy exceptions to review as part of your approval process. They uncover suspicious activity, as well as determine the validity of a transaction--freeing your team from uncomfortable conversations and empowering them to reimburse employees quickly.


Transform spend data into actionable reports with Emburse Analytics. Your team can easily analyze spend by expense category to uncover strategic sourcing opportunities and areas for better negotiated rates, while also identifying factors that drive expense spend. Analytics provides you with a world-class business intelligence reporting engine and empowers you to make data-driven and cost-saving decisions.


Emburse Spend for Teams radically streamlines p-card management without sacrificing the necessary visibility and control. Team spend on necessities like supplies, software subscriptions, and marketing traditionally accounts for over 80% of transactions and 20% of total expenditures. Such transactions are often too time-consuming to manage, creating a gap in oversight and could lead to wasteful spending or vendor fraud. You can simplify the entire process without reconciling transactions by using Emburse Cards for all team purchases.

You are quite the trailblazers. You set a standard in software that none of our other products are anything like. Expense Reporting Coordinator 3000 Employees
You guys at Chrome River really do have a wonderful product! It is so easy to use. Director of Technology Training 2000 Employees

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