• System generated receipt 
  • Expense transaction itemization
  • Enriched Mastercard data
  • Optional folio structured transaction detail
Chrome River has teamed up with select vendors to streamline the procurement process by automatically attaching a system generated receipt to corporate card transactions, giving organizations more spend visibility and end-users a painless reconciliation process.

Automatic receipt generation technology

Reconciling procurement transactions can be challenging for many organizations, due to a lack of visibility into the line item detail. Goods and services are sourced and shipped from a large number of suppliers, leaving you with a tremendous volume of expenses to process with little to no insight into the transaction details. Chrome River gives your organization greater visibility into spend data by automatically generating an e-receipt, and attaching it to corporate card transactions in your eWallet when making B2B purchases with select vendors. This significantly reduces time spent reconciling transactions against statements and gives your teams the insights they need to understand spending patterns more efficiently.

Amazon Business and Mastercard integration

Amazon Business and Mastercard integration

Chrome River has teamed up with Amazon Business and Mastercard to give your organization even greater insight into Amazon Business purchases. When a purchase is made the Mastercard transaction appears in your Chrome River eWallet with a detailed, itemized breakdown of what was purchased. Each Amazon Business expense transaction will automatically have a system generated e-receipt attached, to simplify the reconciliation process and give your organization more visibility into spend data.

Getting started with Amazon Business and Chrome River

Step 1. Create a Free Amazon Business Account
Step 2. Determine eligibility for the integration with your Chrome River Customer Success Manager
Step 3. Start spending on Amazon Business with your Corporate Mastercard

Chrome River's integration with Amazon Business made the decision to centralize the university's spend with Amazon Business a no-brainer. Taking away the need for our users to do any manual entry saves huge amounts of time, streamlines reconciliation and guarantees data accuracy, all of which leads to significant cost savings for us. Otterbein University
Amazon Business is easy to make purchases, but if there are several items in a single transaction, creating individual expense items can be time-consuming. With Chrome River's new integration with Amazon Business, the process becomes instant and simple for our users and ensures we will never be without proper receipt documentation. Rich Products Corporation

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