Deployment Strategy

Our experienced implementation consultants will work with you to determine the most effective deployment / roll-out plan for your company/organization

What to consider when developing your deployment strategy?

  • Pilot group or Big Bang?
    • How will we identify the pilot group users​
  • Understand and communicate factors which could affect deployment timing
    • Align with users on the same accounting system
    • Services on an existing expense management system are expiring
      • Coordination of user access to each system based on roll-out
    • Corporate Credit Card Program or Travel Management System is expiring or being added
    • Other projects or system upgrades occurring in your company/organization at the same time
    • Significant events within your company/organization (i.e. Is there a large convention planned that you want to schedule around?)
  • Corporate Card Transitioning
    • Do you want to time your deployment around a transaction/statement cutoff date
    • If you are currently loading a corporate card feed into another expense management system, you must carefully coordinate the timing of which cards should continue to feed into the existing system and which should be fed into Chrome River only
  • Identify and Train Chrome River Administrators
    • Who will be the focal point for submitting / managing cases submitted to Chrome River Salesforce Help Desk (it is recommended that this role be limited to 1 or 2 employees to ensure proper change management procedures are followed and cases can be prioritized efficiently)
    • Who will be responsible for administering the various self-service aspects of the Chrome River Administration tool​

Please refer to the below document for additional considerations you may find helpful in your deployment planning.

 Chrome River Customer Launch Kit 

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