Technology assisted expense audit

Even the best internal controls need verification. Without thorough review, your organization’s spend management could be susceptible to non-compliant or wasteful expenses.       

Carefully reviewing these transactions is time-consuming, expensive and puts added stress on your finance team. Their time spent chasing explanations could easily be used more strategically. Playing policy police may earn them a reputation as the bad cop for nagging employees about their submitted reports. 

Emburse Audit modernizes the way you increase oversight and controls into your spend management process without any of the effort. It provides technology-assisted human verification to flag suspicious expenses then routes them to our expert auditing team for detailed review to resolve directly with your employees — all before reaching your internal approvers.

An expert set of eyes to improve your bottom line

  • Strengthen internal policy and regulatory compliance automatically
  • Offload policy policing to improve internal relationships
  • Trust your financial and management reports contain accurate data for confident decision-making
  • Configure business rules on any data collected in the system to enforce compliance
  • Set your desired level of enforcement, be it a warning or a hard stop
  • Leverage technology to programmatically complete repetitive tasks such as validating accounting elements or checking budget variance availability
  • Dynamically insert an auditor or an audit group into the approval process through configurable approval routing workflows
  • Discover more potential audit concerns through the Emburse Chrome River Analytics dashboard

Reduce risk

Protect your brand from negative publicity or legal action.

Increase efficiency

Spend less time playing “policy police” and more time on strategic work to grow the business.

Ensure compliance

Flag unauthorized purchases and expenses that are non-compliant with ease.

Choose your level of audit

Our self-service audit option allows you to leverage the controls available through Chrome River Expense.

You can also upgrade to Emburse Audit to further enhance your auditing capacity. This is the ideal solution if you want an additional level of review from our independent auditor team.

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  • Ensure policy compliance with embedded business rules engine
  • Automate repetitive tasks with technology
  • Dynamically influence approval routing based on specific criteria
  • Artificial intelligence continuously learns from confirmed unauthorized purchases to catch future instances of non-compliance
  • Leverage built-in analytics to capture additional audit concerns identify trends
The solution has brought a new level of accountability and audit that was not possible before with manual processing. We are able to track noncompliance of purchasing rules and have eliminated the possibility of fraud to such a low amount that it has won the approval of the state travel auditors University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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