Chrome River knows that customer satisfaction is dependent on both software and great customer service.

Superior global support services

Chrome River has an excellent reputation for our support services. We have dedicated teams that provide the highest level of global support and the best customer experience at all times.

We deliver what customers expect: fast response times, courteous and experienced staff, and quick follow-up and resolution. We are proud that our support team receives the highest marks from the toughest judges, our customers.

Support team members

With Chrome River, there is no need to worry about dealing with a third-party support group that doesn’t understand the software. The Chrome River support team members are all employees located onsite at our Los Angeles office. In addition to North America, we also provide in-country support for the United Kingdom and Australia. The team members are hand-selected, and then receive onsite training, continuing education, and are exceptionally well informed about our latest updates and newest features to ensure our customers receive top tier support the first time they call.

After your implementation services, our support team will handle any day-to-day questions. They are your first line of defense working with you to ensure your users have wonderful experiences with the software. You can also attend Chrome River University for the latest new product guides, video tutorials and educational resources. And our customer success team helps your growing organization get the most from its Chrome River investment. Our support services are the linchpin for your success and happiness with the software.

I have never worked with a vendor that cares so much about what a client really wants. Project Manager 2,000 Employees
I’ve never dealt with a company like this before. Your support has really quick turnaround and is able to help me out with everything. My experience with your support is always terrific. Expense Coordinator 3000 Employees
We talk in our own hiring interviews about the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great.’ The way you do things is the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great.’ Those [Chrome River] videos are what make support great. There are things that get done and are completely done…and then you do even more to make things great. Controller 250 Employees

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