Cash Advances

Chrome River offers two approaches for handling cash advances

Piggy Bank

The first method is the "Piggy Bank" approach. A running outstanding balance is maintained in the Chrome River Piggy Bank which is visible to the employee on their dashboard. Out-of-pocket expenses are automatically applied to clear the cash advance, thus reducing the amount reimbursed to the employee. With this approach, it is important to note that the cash advance cannot necessarily be tied to a particular trip as the cash advance is offset by any out-of-pocket expense entered.


The second method is the "Transaction" approach. This approach is designed to handle the requirement that a cash advance be specifically accounted for as part of the expense report pertaining to the trip the cash advance was requested for. With this approach, a transaction for the cash advance is placed into the employee’s Chrome River e-Wallet. The employee can then apply the cash advance transaction to the appropriate expense report. The transaction is posted as a negative "pay me" amount and will serve to offset any out-of-pocket expenses entered on the report.

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