Emburse Chrome River Travel simplifies your program by introducing end-to-end efficiency and flexibility. You continue using your trusted travel vendors, whether they're local partners or global providers. At the same time, you leverage a best-of-breed approach to automated travel and expense management.

  • Integrate with any travel management company, regardless of its commercial booking tool sources
  • Opt to book directly with Sabre, Work Fource (Deem), Cytric (Amadeus), and Egencia 
  • Increase visibility of your travel books and expenses through real time reporting
  • Keep travelers safe and constantly aware of changes 
  • Make travel a more positive experience for those on the road as well as in the office

With Chrome River, the traveller is in control of when they upload their receipts and press submit. Then the team doing the verification has the reports and images instantly - makes it much more efficient and enables an expedited reimbursement process.

Ian Mitchell Global Implementation Manager

Take your travel program to new heights

With Chrome River, traveling for work can be less stressful for everyone involved. Keep both your infrequent business travellers and road-warriors safe, happy and within policy. Meanwhile, your travel management and finance teams will be able to coordinate bookings, budgets, and streamline reimbursements with ease. Reduce the chaos. Increase the outcomes that the corporate travel is intended to achieve.

Automatic expense itemization

Chrome River Folio makes it easy to create expenses from hotel and rental car bills by automatically creating transactions in our system. It eliminates the need for travelers to manually itemize items such as room service, tax, parking, and prepaid fuel. They'll spend less time on administrative processes and more time building value for your organization.

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Prioritized safety and awareness

Understanding and mitigating travel risk for your employees is central to any Duty of Care policy. Chrome River's partnership with WorldAware allows you to integrate city-specific risk data into their travel approval process. You'll ensure the organization's most important assets, its people, avoid risks and have accurate data to make informed decisions.

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Instant ride receipt imports

Your travelers can send ride receipts to their Chrome River profile directly from their Uber, Lyft, or Grab business accounts. When it's time to do expenses, users need only click on a receipt image to add all of their ride data to their expense report.

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Effortless mileage tracking

Reduce error, eliminate the need to manually calculate the IRS mileage rate, and give your employees time back to relax after a long drive. Our partnership with TripLog Mileage allows travelers to automatically capture and document mileage which helps your organization track and reimburse trips.

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Seamless payment data tracking

When travel is booked using an institution card program such as a ghost card or travel cards, the transactions automatically flow to your traveler's Chrome River wallet--regardless of the TMC or booking tool.

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Added payment flexibility and security with Emburse Cards

Emburse Cards are designed with your business travelers in mind. You can instantly issue a virtual card to any employee who needs to book travel or send them a physical card for on-the-go convenience. All cards can be added to a mobile wallet for quick, secure, and contactless purchases. And each is issued with auto-enforcing rules to ensure fraudulent purchases never get charged to your corporate account.

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