Personal Charges

Chrome River allows Personal Charges to be clearly identified so that reimbursements are adjusted appropriately

For most customers, company policy does not allow personal use of the corporate credit card, however, it does happen, so we must give employees a way to identify all or a portion of an expense as personal.  It is critical to discuss how these personal items should be handled in Chrome River. The handling of the personal items generally varies based the type of corporate card program:

  • Company Bill / Company Pay (CBCP)
    • Companies / Organizations with CBCP credit card programs will typically pay the credit card statement in full each month. A reconciliation is then performed to tie the payment back to approved expense reports. When personal charges are identified, Chrome River can be optionally configured to offset the out-of-pocket "pay me" amount of the report by the credit card personal amount. Using this approach will generally eliminate the need for the company to collect the personal amount from the employee. The application can also be configured without the out-of-pocket offset feature and simply identify, in the generated export file, which amounts need to be treated as employee receivable.
  • Individual Bill / Company Pay (IBCP)
    • Typically with this card program, the employer will elect to only reimburse the corporate card provider the approved, reimbursable amounts submitted by their employees. Any personal charges would not be reimbursed and would therefore be ignored in the export and remittance process. Employees are responsible for paying the corporate card provider direclty for any personal charges.
  • Individual Bill / Individual Pay (IBIP)
    • Since the employee is responsible for paying the corporate card, there is no need for them to include personal charges on their expense reports. Partial line item amounts identified as personal would be set to $0 "pay me" and ignored in the export process. Employees will submit and receive reimbursement for their approved, reimbursable expenses only. They will then be responsible for make the full payment to the corporate card provider, including any extra personal charge amounts.

IMPORTANT: The out-of-pocket offset approach IS CURRENTLY NOT SUPPORTED by our Direct Pay Employee Reimbursement feature. Customers using Direct Pay to pay employees must handle employee receivables for all corporate card personal charges.

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