Emburse Academy

All Emburse Chrome River users have access to free, unlimited, on-demand education through our robust Emburse Academy program. It is designed both for those who are brand new to Emburse Chrome River and want to quickly bring themselves up to speed and for those who would just like a refresher or to get acquainted with new features. 

Through Emburse Academy, Emburse Chrome River users have full access to our library of on-demand learning experiences to meet their needs and preferences. Rather than prescribing one way to learn, we give users the ability to select their preferred learning modality through our blended Emburse Academy offerings, enabling effective job-embedded learning.


Emburse Academy Offerings

Our learning offerings for all users include: 

  • Learning Maps that help new users get started.
  • Demo webinar recordings for overviews and targeted video tutorials for key processes.
  • Emburse Assistant in-product walkthroughs that demonstrate “how to” in context.
  • Detailed Help Center articles for troubleshooting and advanced help.

In addition to the resources available to all users, we have additional learning resources designed specifically for administrators:

  • Emburse Learn, our elearning library, complete with microlearning courses on key topics and comprehensive learning plans.
  • Emburse Collective, our customer community, where we provide a forum for leaders to learn from each other and encourage you to provide feedback and suggestions to help improve our range of products, services, and features.

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