Analytics / Reporting

Chrome River provides our customers with valuable reporting tools to allow for easy access to current and historical expense and invoice data

Improve your business by leveraging the power of your Chrome River data!
We encourage you to explore the robust analytics engine provided with your Chrome River subscription.

Below are a few examples of some of our most popular reports:

  • Analyze spend by expense category to uncover strategic sourcing opportunities and areas for better negotiated rates (like hotels, car rentals, etc.). This can deliver savings that exceed 20% of total annual spend.
  • Pull together in-process credit card and out-of-pocket spend that are not yet exported from to the financial system. Customers love the insight into accruals and the help this gives to period-end close.
  • Aggregate all expenses associated with sales. This gives tremendous insight to the true cost of sales and the ROI associated with different sales activities.
  • Track KPIs such as open approvals aging to fix reimbursement bottlenecks.
  • Spot individuals and groups that are at higher risk for policy violations and target for audits.​

A set of standard reports are available to run out-of-the box. Endless other reports can be built with our adhoc query and data explorer tools. Reports can also be scheduled to run on a regular basis with results distributed to various sets of employees. Access to specific reports can be controlled via the Chrome River Administration application. You can also configure reports themselves to modify filters and fields displayed.

Refer to the Chrome River Help Center and Training Camp for detailed training material.


The Inquiry dashboard allows expense owners, delegates and approvers to retrieve information about expense reports and invoices they have submitted and/or approved. No special access privileges are necessary as the inquiry reports are available to all as part of the Chrome River app they are already familiar with.

Below are sample inquiry reports for expense:

My Expense Reports List of expense reports created within a specified date range
My Expense Items List of itemized expenses within a specified data range
My Delegatees List of people you have entered unsubmitted expenses for
My Expense Calendar List of expenses shown in a calendar view
My Items List of itemized expenses that were created from offline transactions, cash advances, emailed receipts, mobile transactions and credit card transactions
My Firm-Paid Items Itemized list of expense transactions that are paid for by the firm
My Expense Approvals Expense items that have been or are your responsibility to approve
My Paid Expenses List of expenses that have been paid
Cash Advance List of your cash advances
My Expense Pre-Approvals Lists all the pre-approvals created by the logged-in user
My Pre-Approval Approvals Lists all pre-approvals assigned to an approver in every stage of the approval process: approved, returned and awaiting approval
My Credit Card Statements Provides the status of all expense items associated with a credit card statement; if the user has multiple credit cards, the report will automatically group statements by card

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