Customer Roles & Responsibilities

Involving the right people is key for a successful implementation

Following are the roles, responsibilities and knowledge requirements recommended for your project team. Of course, each project is different so your project may require more, fewer or different resources than those listed here.  In many implementations, we see resources filling multiple roles.

Project Sponsor/Stakeholder:  Provides business context and guidance to the project manager and team, while being the champion for the project.  Helps secures support from cross-functional departments and resources, secures funding, and communicates project priority. 

Project Manager: The main point of contact throughout the implementation. The project manager will be responsible for keeping the customer project team updated, obtaining sign off, and coordinating the appropriate resources for the duration of the project.

Integration SME:  Responsible for planning and overseeing all technical aspects of the project while coordinating technical resources and troubleshooting issues.

  • Possess an understanding of AP, Payroll, HR and the General Ledger
  • Leads the effort for the SFTP setup and Single Sign On (if applicable)
  • Responsible for inbound and outbound data feed integration

Accounting / Finance SME: This person(s) has deep knowledge of expense types, account codes, cost objects, accounting system(s),  and overall expense processing requirements.

Policy / Process SME: The subject matter expert regarding the travel and expense policy.  Helps identify business requirements to be implemented in Chrome River during the project.

System Administrator: This person(s) responsible for the ongoing administration of Chrome River. During the project the administrator will learn how to configure and maintain parameters within the application.

Training Lead:  Responsible for coordinating and developing end user training  for the company / organization. 

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