Technology companies are always evolving to meet their customers’ needs with the very latest technologies. And that’s Chrome River’s mantra, too. We work with all your systems today and evolve with you as you scale. It’s about time your software choices gave you choices.

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High growth. High touch. And a fierce independent streak. As one of Los Angeles’ fastest-growing tech companies, we understand what it’s like to balance the very best innovations for our customers with the very best environment for our employees, all while fostering growth.

Endless Configurability Gives You Options

As a growing company, you’re always trying to select the very best solutions to meet your needs – the best CRM, the best support platform, the best HR and hiring package, the best internal messaging platform, even the best snack vendor for the company lunch room. But you also have the foresight to know that all of these choices will change as your company evolves. You’ll simply grow out of some solutions and your needs will change.

And that’s where Chrome River is a very intelligent option. Our invoice processing and expense management solutions adapt to your changing business needs. Our solutions are endlessly configurable to fit the way you work today and the way you’ll work many years from now. This is the result of our business rules engine, which evolves with you no matter how many offices, departments, divisions, or employees you have. Our data integrations are completely flexible no matter what systems you have for finance or ERP software, online booking tool, corporate card provider, travel management company, etc. And since we work with the world’s largest brands, we are a perfect fit as you scale your business globally.

With this agility, you can always select the best-of-breed options for your growing organization. And being best of breed has always been your goal.

A Mobile Platform that Makes Sense for IT and Admin

Perhaps your firm has worked through the issue of which mobile devices to support. Whether you’ve settled on a BYOD policy or decided on iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry, you can rest assured that Chrome River has a unique solution.

Instead of opting to create multiple versions of our software for each device, we have a web app, which gives you more options. A web application is accessible on any device through its browser. This is a particularly important distinction when comparing expense management software solutions – especially if you don’t want to limit which features are available on which platform. Chrome River’s web application for expenses means that your users have a consistent, high-quality experience on any device.

As new business rules or new configurations are being implemented, they are readily available to all users with the push of a button. No latest version of the app to download. No update to load.

And again, because it’s a web app, and not a native app, no company or banking information is accessible should the phone/tablet/laptop be lost or stolen.

A Mobile Platform that Fits HR Goals

Employee retention is a critical issue with high tech firms – there’s so much competition for key employees. So human resources is always looking for the latest technologies that will keep these players engaged and ahead of the game.

Modern expense report software and invoice automation are two of these advantages. While we might all remember the Stone Age when taxi receipts and hotel bills needed to be photocopied and taped to print outs of a spreadsheet, Millennials expect a much more efficient solution. In fact, they want B2B apps that work just as conveniently as their B2C apps. And that’s where Chrome River makes a huge difference.

Our integrations with Uber, and U.S. Bank, smart OCR receipt reading, the list goes on, means expense reports that literally write themselves. A simple photo of the receipt with a phone camera is all it takes to start a new expense report. Every employee appreciates having smart technology.

And speaking of smart. As your hiring and onboarding new employees, your expense policies are evolving to meet your needs, too. With Chrome River, these new expense policies can be conveyed to all employees as they work on trip pre-approvals or purchase orders. Policies about airline flight costs, hotel night costs, or even preferred vendors and negotiated payment terms are conveyed while the employee is in the system. So even though you’re running lean, the Chrome River software is educating your team on the latest policies and keeping compliance in check.

A Mobile Platform that Delights Your Employees

As we said before, many of your employees expect their business software to be just as intuitive and easy-to-use as their consumer apps. And Chrome River doesn’t disappoint. Our user interface makes expense management and invoice processing so easy that very little end user training, if any, is necessary.

And because we’re delivered as a web app and provide the same user interface, features, and functionality on every device, employees can toggle between phone, tablet, and laptop – whatever device they have with them when an expense is incurred.

Your employees will love not having to keep an envelope of business receipts or trying to manually match up purchase orders from one office with an invoice received in another office. By simply digitizing these common AP documents, we can let our business rules engine take care of the rest.

High Tech Companies Love that We Use Tech to Solve an Age-Old Problem

The average Chrome River customer has offices in 20 countries and submits 10,000 expense reports per month covering dozens of currencies. You need a partner who can future-proof your business – and that’s exactly what Chrome River delivers.

There are more than 2 million happy Chrome River users around the world who love submitting expense reports and processing invoices. We want to earn your business and make life easier for your organization. Be sure to visit our testimonials page and case studies, too, for more quotes from happy customers. And please read more about our product suite. After all, Chrome River lets business flow.

People love it! People really love it! We love that there's no paper involved. We love that there's routing that we can pick. We love that there are [graphical] code buttons and not just a bunch of names to have to select from. This streamlines the process. It's excellent. I can see where expenses are all the time and even approved already. Everything about it just works. Accounts Payable Manager 1000 Employees
We really like the routing and approval flow as well as the compliance rules, which will make life for accounting so much easier in every way. Andrea Lamoth Babbel

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