Chrome River's expense report software offers users many ways to handle paper or electronic receipts, from any device. Chrome River users can build expense reports as they happen, whether they are on their desktop, tablet,  or mobile phone. From "Snap & Send" to "Forward & Forget," receipt OCR, Uber integration and hotel folio itemization, Chrome River makes building an expense report a breeze.

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Chrome River customers love how effortlessly our expense management system fits into the way they work. They might be in the office booking their next trip, taking an Uber to a client meeting, having dinner with a customer, checking out of a hotel, or at the airport gas station topping off the rental car. Whatever the situation, they need a way to get the receipt into their expense report without the hassle.​

It’s all done automatically in Chrome River. Our image processing, OCR (optical character recognition) and email handling technology mean that by simply taking a picture of a receipt on a mobile phone or forwarding an email, our users can get all of a transaction's data into their expense report - without having to type a single thing.

Forget laying out all the receipts – Chrome River just delivered expense reports that practically write themselves.

Snap & Send

Simply take a photo of a receipt using any mobile device and share with Chrome River via email. Users can quickly and easily Snap & Send emails with an image file attached to Chrome River, from which our email automation will create expense transactions, extract and categorize the data with OCR and have any associated images attached as receipts. The service also provides the ability for users to override the OCR data for the amount and currency by entering a value in the email subject or adding a message into the email body, which will be applied to the expense transaction’s description. With this feature, users can write the entire expense report on their smartphone, attaching receipts as they happen.

Chrome River SNAP

We also offer Chrome River SNAP, an optional mobile app utility that enhances the receipt entry experience of Chrome River EXPENSE. It enables users to snap a photo of a receipt with a dedicated smartphone app just after an expense occurs and upload the receipt image to the EXPENSE Receipt Gallery for OCR data extraction. Chrome River SNAP also integrates with third-party photo gallery apps so users can share receipt images directly to the Receipt Gallery. Chrome River SNAP is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Forward & Forget

Share electronic receipts from vendors to Chrome River via email, scan, or even fax. Users can very easily forward their emailed receipts (airfare, hotels, internet, Amazon, etc.) to the standard Chrome River expense email address and our expense report software creates expense transactions for these, creating an image of the email body as an attached receipt. Users can also enter a specific amount and currency into the email subject to override any parsing logic if desired (another wonderful feature).

Direct Upload

Many Chrome River users like to create and submit their expenses as soon as they’re incurred. Whatever device they’re using, this is a piece of cake with our HTML5-enabled web application. With Chrome River open on a mobile phone or tablet, users creating an expense item are prompted to attach an image of the receipt. This will then offer the option to either snap an image on the device’s camera directly into Chrome River, or upload a previously captured receipt image. As with our Snap & Send option, Chrome River’s powerful image processing and OCR capabilities will read and extract all relevant transaction data in seconds, so there’s no need to manually enter any receipt information before creating and submitting the expense. 

Direct Uber and Lyft Integration

Thanks to technology partnerships with both Uber and Lyft, Chrome River users can have ride information automatically sent from their Uber and Lyft accounts direct to their expense reports when they ride on their Uber and Lyft Business Profiles. After selecting Chrome River as their expense management provider on their Business Profile, Uber and Lyft will automatically send details of all rides taken on their Business Profile, complete with the receipt image and map, to Chrome River, at the same time users receive a copy of their receipt by email.

Hotel Folio Itemization

Simply email your hotel bill to Chrome River and our hotel folio itemization feature, Chrome River FOLIO automatically creates separate expense line items for items such as room, tax, parking, meals and room service. The solution works with any hotel’s bill–from individual boutique hotels to major international chains. Folio data is automatically extracted, categorized, and populated directly into the expense reporting system. This feature enables travelers to turn what can often be a time-consuming task into something that can be done effortlessly.

Receipt OCR

Chrome River’s Receipt Parsing Service uses OCR as its core engine before applying intelligent language matching algorithms, business rules, customized receipt cropping and data analysis for precise data extraction, that saves hours of manual work.

Even crumpled receipts can still be read and understood by Chrome River’s Smart OCR.

Chrome River's receipt parsing supports Latin character languages and Mandarin (in beta). The table below gives details of our level of optimization for each country.

Receipt parsing capabilities are divided into optimized and supported countries, based on the number of fields our receipt parsing system can support. Fields essential to fill up an expense report and to automatically merge credit card and receipt transactions (amount, date, currency and expense category) are categorized as supported groups.

For certain geographies the list of fields that are intelligently parsed by our receipt parsing system goes beyond the supported list (hence the name optimized countries).

Supported and optimized fields:

Supported Optimized
Date (+time stamp) Date (+time stamp)
Amount Amount
Currency code Currency code
Expense category Expense category
  Credit card - Last 4 digits
  Merchant details - address

Supported and optimized countries:

Type Country   Type Country
Optimized US   Supported Brazil
Optimized Canada   Supported Sweden
Optimized UK   Supported Denmark
Optimized Australia   Supported Norway
Optimized Germany   Supported Netherlands
Optimized France   Supported Finland and China (beta)

New languages are added to the list of supported and optimized groups on a quarterly basis.


  • Extraction of amount, currency, vendor, auto-detection of expense type (example: ability to detect meal type based on time of day)
  • Map receipt to expense report data
  • Automerge of matching card and receipt data to combine them into one transaction
  • Ability to apply business rules and exclusions
  • Ability to support multiple file types to rotate,split based on business requirements
  • Ability to support all Latin characters and Mandarin
  • VAT extraction (optimized countries listed below)
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