Change Management

Considerations and recommendations for successful introduction of Chrome River into your company / organization

This section offers invaluable insights and expert advice on crafting a robust change management strategy within your Chrome River implementation. Here, you'll find actionable suggestions for customizing a plan that goes beyond mere adoption, fostering genuine enthusiasm among your workforce for the upcoming changes. Should you seek the guidance of seasoned consultants to fortify your change management endeavors, our tailored enablement packages stand ready to provide targeted assistance precisely where you need it. Let's partner together to ensure your transformation journey is a resounding success.  If you are interested in one of our enablement packages, you can reach us at

Your strategy should include communication and instruction on:​

  • The Emburse Chrome River web application
  • Your T&E policy
  • Your expense submission and approval process
  • Your Invoice Policy
  • Your Invoice submission and approval process
  • Include timing and cutover tasks

Communicate early and often:

  • Develop initial “coming soon” announcements introducing Chrome River to employees and highlighting the benefits and the reason for the change.  A suggested time frame for these announcements is at least two months prior to the Go Live.
  • Send updates on the Go Live date for targeted employees( e.g. pilot & deployment waves by department or region)
  • Use internal communication tools (intranet, Slack, etc.), to increase awareness and emphasize new policies and processes, and promote key benefits.

Introducing change into any company/organization is challenging and has a huge impact on the overall success of the implementation. We encourage you to review the information provided below to get a jump on developing a roll out approach that will be most effective for your company/organization. 

Please refer to the below documents for additional considerations and sample material you may find helpful.


 Change Management Strategy
 Expense Product Info 2 page  Invoice Product Info 2 page
  Expense Quick Start Guide  Invoice Quick Start Guide

 Expense Quick Start Guide

 Invoice Quick Start Guide

 Expense Sample Announcement Flyer


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