Itemized Global Hotel and Car Folios Expensed at the Touch of a Button

Chrome River FOLIO makes it easy to create expenses from hotel and rental car bills by automatically creating itemized transactions directly in Chrome River. Whether a major hotel chain or local rent-a-car service, Chrome River FOLIO eliminates the need for travelers to manually itemize items such as room service, tax, parking and prepaid fuel, so they spend less time on administrative processes and more time building value for your organization to let business flow.

As a part of Chrome River EXPENSE, Chrome River FOLIO automatically extracts line item data from hotel and car receipts and populates the expense reports without having to manually key in each item. Simply email your folios to Chrome River and we’ll do the hard work for you. 

No more manual data entry

With Chrome River FOLIO, your travelers simply forward their hotel and car email receipts to Chrome River. From there Chrome River FOLIO scans the folio, extracts the vendor and transaction data, which is then automatically imported into the users’ expenses. For hotels, Chrome River FOLIO organizes all individual line items, such as hotel, tax, room service, parking, and Wi-Fi. For car rentals, line items like insurance, prepaid gas, and additional fees are captured. FOLIO will then create line item expenses for each individual charge, which can then be separately allocated according to an organization’s accounting rules.   

100% accurate

Chrome River FOLIO works perfectly with plain text and HTML emails, as well as PDF receipts, so travelers simply forward the email upon checkout, safe in the knowledge that their receipts will be processed accurately, in near-real-time. As Chrome River FOLIO extracts folio data, it eliminates the risk of users’ receipts being misread or misclassified. This means no more needing to double-check every item for accuracy, or risking an inaccurate expense report being submitted.

Fully mobile

Chrome River FOLIO makes it easy to expense hotel and rental car charges from any mobile device. As it simply requires users to email their receipt into their Chrome River account, with no manual data entry, it can be done just as easily from a mobile phone as a desktop computer.

Global capabilities

Chrome River FOLIO supports receipts from thousands of hotels and car rental agencies around the world, no matter the chain, brand or category, and will work with any currency. Whether your travelers stay in major global chains or local boutique hotels, whether they use a large car rental agency or a local one, they can be reassured that Chrome River FOLIO will work seamlessly and easily.

Chrome River FOLIO makes life easier for your AP staff and makes your business travelers happy by simplifying entry of their expense reports.


  • Automatic data extraction saves time and eliminates errors.
  • Creates line item expenses for all hotel and car receipt items.
  • Works with major hotel chains and boutique properties as well as the rental car agency of your choice.
  • Supports all global currencies and multiple languages.
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