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Arduous, repetitive admin tasks open the door to inefficient processes and increased costs to the organization. Emburse Chrome River's Expense solution removes those hidden hits by automatically routing, approving, returning, or assigning expense reports upon submission. With those commonly costly processes tamed, your team's efficiency and operating costs improve immediately.

Cut review times
Eliminate the need for your administrator to review expense report compliance manually with your policies baked into the system.

Ensure financial data accuracy
Expense seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to keep data consistent, accurate, and in one place.

Lower cycle times
Improve your expense management cycle times by reducing how long expense reports take to approve.

Stop chasing submitters
Expense's built-in business rules engine ensures only legitimate, verified expenses are submitted.

Features that make life easier for everyone

Intuitive mobile and desktop environments
Unlike other applications with multiple native apps, our web application provides the same user experience and is accessible on any device.

Effortless expense and accounts payable workflow configurability
Chrome River is endlessly configurable to meet your changing requirements, whether it's adjusting your accounts payable workflows or ensuring business rules agility.

Always-ready expense report app
Built with responsive design technology, your users can access the same intuitive and powerful experience across all devices regardless of size or shape.

Fully mobile business receipt app
With OCR (optical character recognition) and email handling technology, your users can get all of their transaction data into an expense report without typing.

Happier traveling experiences for all
An easy-to-use interface and report functionality let business travelers quickly tap in their expenses and then move onto more meaningful work, wherever they may be.

Streamlined, automated approval workflows
Use conditional approval routing of expense reports and/or line items while automated approval routing, credit card processing, and Snap & Send receipt submission make reporting simple.

Chrome River Expense Management

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