Everyone contributes to the bottom line

CFOs are continuously tasked with finding ways to reduce spend and fraud while providing their teams with the latest technology to get their jobs done quickly and improve insight. Emburse Chrome River's Expense solution takes it a step further to help you create a culture of spend optimization that's aware of savings opportunities and trends that encourage growth.

Keep spend within policy
Cut out wasteful spend by defining your exact parameters for expense submissions and enforce limits for any expense type. 

Put savings to work
Every new savings opportunity uncovered directly contributes to your organization's success goals

Simplify the entire process
An intuitive, fully-supported web and mobile experience ensures reporting accurate, in-policy expenses is a breeze for everyone, everywhere

Apply the facts
Emburse Analytics shows you the real story behind your spend trends so you can make data-backed strategies

Features that make life easier for everyone

Effortless expense and accounts payable workflow configurability
Chrome River is endlessly configurable to meet your changing requirements, whether it's adjusting your accounts payable workflows or ensuring business rules agility.

Always-ready expense report app
Built with responsive design technology, your users can access the same intuitive and powerful experience across all devices regardless of size or shape.

Fully mobile business receipt app
With OCR (optical character recognition) and email handling technology, your users can get all of their transaction data into an expense report without typing.

Global expense management tools
Future-proof international expense reporting with Expense's support for multiple languages, global currencies, per diem, and tax jurisdictions.

Chrome River Expense Management

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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