Stop being the bad cop.

Chasing down out-of-policy expenses and uncovering fraudulent submissions is exhaustive and stresses relationships between departments. Emburse Chrome River's Expense solution does the sleuthing for you to improve policy compliance. Its embedded, highly configurable business rules engine works as your enforcer while expense reports automatically traverse your custom approval workflow.

Be ready for change
Flexible policy compliance and expense routing rules can easily evolve as the company grows. 

Enhance your policies
Implement, adjust, and enhance policy rules based on third-party data without impacting the solution.

Configure dynamic fields 
Quickly make updates to the display based on expense type, charge code, or billable client requirements. 

Learn from your data
Emburse Analytics transforms expense spend data into compelling stories and helps isolate trends or repeat offenders.

Features that make life easier for everyone

More compliant expense and accounts payable workflows
All of your business rules and approval routing processes get built into our engine to enforce policies while moving reports and invoices based on how your business works.

Built-in fraud prevention
Prevent your organization from becoming a victim of expense fraud while ensuring that your employees and travelers have the tools to adhere to your expense policy. 

Fully mobile business receipt app
With OCR (optical character recognition) and email handling technology, your users can get all of their transaction data into an expense report without typing.

Happier traveling experiences for all
An easy-to-use interface and report functionality let business travelers quickly tap in their expenses and then move onto more meaningful work, wherever they may be.

Streamlined, automated approval workflows
Use conditional approval routing of expense reports and/or line items while automated approval routing, credit card processing, and Snap & Send receipt submission make reporting simple.

Chrome River Expense Management

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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