Reduce Risk and Increase Compliance

Chrome River offers a unique set of configurable tools to automatically enforce policy thereby increasing compliance and reducing risk. Take the guesswork out of expense and invoice management for your end-users. Delight your team with a modern and intuitive solution that prompts users to provide the necessary information to properly complete a compliant expense claim or submit an invoice for payment.

Proper Internal Controls

Compliance with internal policies and external laws and regulations is critical. You need to rely on your financial and management reports to provide clear, accurate data for confident decision-making. You need a system you can rely on to automate as much policy enforcement as possible. Chrome River has you covered to meet your audit requirements, so you have peace of mind that expenses are accurate and complete upon submission.

Peace of Mind With Embedded Business Rules and Automation

Our highly-configurable business rules engine is delivered with Chrome River’s EXPENSE and INVOICE solutions at no additional cost, because we understand how critical policy compliance is to your organisation. You have the power to configure business rules on any data collected in the system to enforce compliance with your policies. Determine the level of enforcement, be it a warning or a hard stop. Require additional explanation under certain circumstances, such as airline upgrades or business meals over a certain threshold. Leverage our Autobot technology to further automate audit capability by programmatically completing repetitive tasks such as validating accounting elements or checking budget availability prior to purchases. This level of configurability puts you in control of your policy compliance.

Additional Audit Approval

Chrome River provides embedded and configurable approval routing workflows that allow you to dynamically insert an auditor or an audit group into the approval process when specific policy enforcement rules are triggered. This gives you confidence that the right people are reviewing expenses and invoices at the right time, prior to export for payment. 

Capture Potential Audit Concerns Through Analytics

Through Chrome River’s ANALYTICS, auditors can easily capture potential audit concerns. Expense claims and invoices can be selected for audit based on specific criteria either for individual users or by segmented groups. Outliers in behaviour can be easily identified over variable measures such as time range, hierarchy, user, expense types and others.


  • Ensure policy compliance with embedded business rules engine
  • Automate repetitive tasks with Autobot technology
  • Dynamically influence approval routing based on specific criteria
  • Leverage built-in analytics to capture additional audit concerns

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