Unlike a traditional application that is designed and built for a specific mobile device operating system, a web application is accessible on any device through its browser. This is a particularly important distinction when comparing expense management software solutions – especially if you don’t want to limit which features are available on which platform.
Chrome River’s web application for expenses means that your users have a consistent, high-quality experience on any device.

Responsive web design solutions like Chrome River are hosted in the cloud and available on any device through any browser. Instead of having different features and layouts for your laptop, your tablet, your smartphone and other individual devices, you simply open a browser window and access the exact same Chrome River you already know and love.

Thanks to its easy-to-follow graphical user interface (GUI) and common-sense functionality, Chrome River requires little to no training. And because the interface and functionality remains the same on any device, there’s no need to train users on different versions for different devices. 

Why Not Use a Mobile App?

Mobile apps are not easy to manage and support across large organisations. Not only is it difficult to know what version of the app is being used, but they also offer differing levels of functionality dependent on the version and the device. 

While a simple expense tracking app may be useful for a small organisation, global organisations need the features and security that come with Chrome River EXPENSE.

Why Offline Features for Expense Reports Matter

Thanks to its single-page application (SPA) design, Chrome River uses very low bandwidth, which means it works just fine even in areas where wireless coverage is limited. As there are also occasions when no Wi-Fi is available, Chrome River offers several offline expense management features:

  • "Snap & Send" receipts from restaurants, car rental kiosks, gas stations and other establishments only require a device’s camera and email
  • HTML receipts for expenses can be forwarded directly from email to your expense claim
  • Sensitive data is never stored locally on a user’s device, a vital strategy for data security

Smart Features Speed Productivity

Additional Chrome River features ensure expense reporting is fast, easy and even fun: 

  • Travel and business icons hide the complexity of general ledger accounting codes for end users
  • Hotel folio integration provides breakout of room, taxes, WiFi, meals from hotel receipts
  • Integrations with Amadeus, Sabre, and other technologies and tools
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) of Snap & Send receipt photos keep trip organized in chronological order
  • Uber integration transfers ride information to an expense report 

Business Travelers Need Flexibility to Work with Multiple Devices

Chrome River’s web application for expenses lets you switch between devices without losing data or having to re-enter info. 

With new employees being hired every day, travel and HR managers need an expense reporting solution that:

  • Is easy and intuitive to use, requiring little to no training
  • Looks and works the same on every desktop or mobile device 
  • Teaches employees the T&E policies every time they start a pre-approval or expense report, reinforcing your policy and enhancing the chances of compliance 
  • Keeps employees happy and stress-free no matter where, when or on what device they may be working while on the road

You don’t want an expense report tracker app that requires constant updates to the latest version and only provides limited functionality per device. You want the complete functionality you get with Chrome River that provides the same experience on any given device. 

You also don’t want credit card, banking, personal and other critical data stored on individual devices in offline mode. You want a secure, cloud-based solution that contributes to your peace of mind. 

In short, you want Chrome River. Chrome River was designed with global organisations and their travelers in mind, offering the optimum online and offline features for expense claims they need.

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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