Chrome River knows that customer satisfaction is dependent on both software and a fast, smooth, successful implementation.

Implementation services

Chrome River offers  a variety of implementation packages designed to meet your goals and requirements. Regardless of the package you choose you will be supported by the finest and most experienced team of professionals in the industry. Throughout your implementation, we engage people at every level of our organisation to ensure you have an outstanding result.

1-2-3 Go!

Chrome River’s 1-2-3-Go! offers an accelerated 4-6 week implementation timeline for customers wanting a best practice design with light configurations. By using a combination of our comprehensive questionnaire, focused remote design sessions to customise the user interface and allocation design, and a 3-day onsite* workshop for hands on training, Chrome River’s 1-2-3 Go! provides the ability to decrease the standard implementation timeline, significantly reducing your go-live date. 
*workshops are conducted remotely while the world heals from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Expert Express

The EXPERT Implementation package is available to our Chrome River customers who have moderate timelines and initially limited geographical scope. This package is ideal for customers who want a best practice design with some custom configurations required. Additional country packages may be purchased and the expected timeline for initial deployment is up to four months.


The ENTERPRISE package is our most flexible implementation package designed to meet the needs of the world's most complex organisations. Our enterprise customers participate in detailed scoping exercises to ensure all requirements are captured and documented. They work closely with their implementation consultants to lay out phased roll out plans to best meet their needs and solution requirements.

Quick Compare

  Timeline Setup Fee Scope
1-2-3-GO! 4-6 weeks No setup fee Best practice - limited change
EXPERT 3-4 months Monthly fee during implementation Defined scope boundaries
ENTERPRISE 6+ months One time fee based on scope Custom

Consultative approach

Chrome River works with each customer to create a solution configured to meet the organisation’s specific needs. Our project managers understand your business requirements and goals. They meet with your team to thoroughly discuss specific needs, inform you on best practices, proactively develop solutions and completely configure and set-up your system for live operation rollout. We want to ensure that your organisation gets maximum value from its Chrome River investment.

Implementation methodology

Our proven methodology has been successful with hundreds of customers - from mid-size to large global enterprise organisations.

Chrome River’s 1-2-3 Go! Implementation was fantastic and we wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way. The team was very easy to work with throughout the process, and the most helpful aspect was the onsite training. It was great to be able to sit down and go through our questions in person and be able to solve problems unique to together. This approach enabled us to go-live with Chrome River EXPENSE in just four weeks. Randy Luck
1-2-3-Go! was well worth the time and exactly what we needed to go live on Chrome River in just 1 week! The program works because I was able to sit with the team and design the best approach for my company with both the administrative and end users in mind. The Chrome River team walked me through best practices, compliance, end user support, training and troubleshooting. By traveling to Arizona to meet with Chrome River, I was able to work for 3 days without any distractions from the everyday demands of the workplace. Being able to focus on the implementation and get direction on how to launch the platform to my company was exactly what I needed. I would recommend anyone who joins the Chrome River family to take advantage of this opportunity. The team was great, the implementation was smooth and easy, and the admin training was a breeze as well! Michael Matthews Shinola Detroit

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