Chrome River helps you to maximize the return on your investment in expense and invoice management by reducing total cost of ownership and delivering quantifiable cost control benefits.

Every enterprise software implementation needs to deliver effective return on investment. Of course, it needs to be able to check all the boxes for functionality and usability, but it also needs to make sense from a financial perspective. What is the total cost of ownership – not just now, but several years down the line? This concern is even more critical for a solution that is designed to help organisations control their own costs, such as expense management and invoice processing.

Chrome River’s rapid best practice implementation and straightforward pricing policy give procurement teams the peace of mind that their expense and invoice management deployments will have a positive impact on the bottom line for many years to come. 

No-Catch Contracts

We understand that lengthy, complex contracts that try and lock customers in, sometimes against their will, can be costly and time-consuming to negotiate, and often start relationships off on the wrong foot. Chrome River’s contracts are designed to be straightforward and don’t force lengthy, inflexible terms. We have a 98% annual retention rate because our customers love us, not because we won’t let them leave.

Fixed-Price Implementations

Chrome River provides a guaranteed, fixed-price, cost estimate for the implementation of our solutions. Our expense and invoice solutions are implemented by an in-house team that knows our products inside out, and have a strong background deploying Chrome River across a wide variety of organisations and technology environments, around the globe. This deep understanding enables us to implement your expense and invoice management solutions more rapidly, so you can start experiencing the benefits that Chrome River delivers more quickly.

Our in-house project managers’ expertise and experience also means that we can avoid passing on expensive third-party integration charges, enabling us to bring our customers online at a lower cost that our competitors without delays and cost overruns.

No Nickel-and-Diming

Many software licenses and subscriptions are priced for a bare minimum level of services, with a whole range of costly add-ons for even for critical day-to-day functionality. With Chrome River, there are no hidden surprises – you pay a straightforward monthly subscription fee based on usage, with the opportunity to select value-add services.

We also understand that organisations’ internal processes can often change as the organizations themselves grow and evolve. Expanding into a new market or an acquisition can often lead to changes in workflows for staff expenses or supplier invoices. Our solutions’ architecture has been created with flexibility in mind, so changes can be made quickly and easily. This means that instead of a costly consulting project that could take months to complete, standard configuration changes can be made rapidly, as part of the subscription fee.

Satisfy All of Your Constituents with One Solution

As a procurement professional, you understand how to evaluate functionality, price, and usability. But let’s face it, you’re also looking out for the best interests of your colleagues.  You want each department to not only get what they need from an enterprise solution, but also be delighted by it. With Chrome River, you can rest assured that:

Now there’s only one question to ask: how will your department like using Chrome River?

Can’t we just move year-end, so that we can roll out Chrome River sooner!? Financial Systems Director Law Firm, 330 Lawyers
Our expense manager is thrilled with the [expense reporting] capabilities of the [Chrome River] Analytics reports. Accounts Payable Manager 1,000+ Employees
The training has been going so smoothly. Chrome River is so intuitive which makes it SIMPLE. Project Trainer 500 Employees
I use it [iPad mobile app] at home for approvals. I do it at home in the evening; takes me 20-30 minutes and shows up nicely for invoices and I can see the whole invoice and it’s quick too. AP Manager 150 Employees

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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