Intuitive Expense Management for Non-Employees

A simple, user-friendly tool with powerful policy controls, predefined approval workflows and lightning-fast reimbursements. Easily provision temporary access to non-employees who can then quickly submit expenses and receipts from their mobile device in minutes, instead of spending valuable time managing expenses.

Chrome River offers Abacus REACH

Working alongside Chrome River EXPENSE, Abacus REACH enables your organisation to quickly and easily manage reimbursements to non-employee groups, such as job candidates, external consultants and contractors. With an intuitive, mobile-first design, REACH allows you to quickly and easily provision temporary access to non-employees. Users can then upload receipts and follow a predefined workflow and approval process for fast reimbursement.

Leverage Emburse Cards to eliminate personal reimbursement

REACH gives you the ability to issue virtual and physical credit cards so that users don’t have to use their personal funds for company-related expenses. You’ll also be able to see authorised users' spending as soon as they swipe their card, and adjust budgets around them. With a powerful, built-in rules engine, you can also set spending restrictions to prevent out-of-policy purchases from ever happening.

Easily configured for control and compliance

REACH is easily customisable to your expense policies and business process flows. Automate rules to control where, when and how much an employee can spend and prevent purchases that do not meet the criteria. With the ability to turn on immediate post-purchase receipt capture and categorisation input, ensure that your employees never forget to submit their expenses. Transactions can then be automatically approved based on predefined category thresholds and approval workflows.

Non-employee groups enjoy a better experience

All constituents in your organisation deserve a seamless experience for managing expenses. Now provisioning temporary access to non-employee groups means you can offer a modern solution across the board.

Make it simple so they know exactly what expenses can be reimbursed prior to purchase. REACH provides complete visibility into your expense policy for non-employees and gives them the option to pay for their company-related spending with virtual corporate cards, or fast reimbursements via direct deposit. With real-time spending notifications, users won’t forget to upload a receipt or enter relevant information for each transaction.

Easily administered with valuable insights

REACH sits alongside Chrome River EXPENSE, directly syncs expenses with most accounting software and offers a CSV template builder to export data exactly the way you need it.

Approvers need full insight into what’s being charged to maintain control over their budgets. REACH gives you full visibility with our Live Reports to see all expenses and filter by user, project, client and date. You’ll be able to see spending as soon as a purchase is made, and then adjust auto-enforcing budgets around them.


  • Intuitive expense management on the go for non-employees
  • Enforceable spending rules
  • Issue virtual or physical corporate cards
  • Direct deposit reimbursement within 48 hours
  • Data driven insights report
  • Custom travel policies
  • Sync data across ERP systems
  • CSV export builder

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