• Consistent user experience across all devices
  • Full range of functionality on every device - no stripped-down mobile apps
  • Lightning fast user interface
  • No management or IT support for different devices
  • No device-specific training
  • Real time updates

Efficient. Modern. Mobile.

Expense management on the go has never been easier. Built with responsive design technology, Chrome River provides the same intuitive and powerful user experience across all devices regardless of size or shape. Chrome River delivers this powerful mobile solution on any iOS- or Android-enabled phone or tablet via the Chrome River app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Speed and efficiency are top of mind for any user responsible for creating, submitting or approving expense or invoice transactions. Your life doesn’t stop moving, so why should the tools you use to get your job done? Complete your work on any device at any time, regardless of location. Your expense claim builds itself while you travel. Automatically sync ride shares, and seamlessly itemise hotel bills and car rental receipts. Upload receipt images in two clicks with the Emburse mobile app. Review and approve transactions on your phone, laptop or tablet.

One modern, intuitive user experience is available across all devices, creating a consistent experience only available with Chrome River’s responsive design technology.


Access the same functionality on any device within the Chrome River app.  Our app supports single sign-on and biometric authentication to ensure the security of your organisation’s data. Regardless of how you access Chrome River, you will experience the same features and look-and-feel on every device, regardless of screen size.

With our competitors’ native mobile apps, everyone has to put up with a single user interface, regardless of how their organisation configures the solution. Chrome River’s mobile app lets users benefit from the same customised interface that they are used to on their laptop. And because there are no separate mobile apps to update, everyone gets the latest functionality the moment it goes live.

One-time training

Because Chrome River provides a simpler user interface, training and support become much easier. With the same interface across all devices, users only need to be trained on the application once, and IT doesn’t need to provide device-specific support. That’s a big benefit for training departments, IT departments and users.

Delighted Travellers and Happy CFOs

Chrome River’s leading business rules engine provides highly configurable, built-in compliance checking and approval routing rules which support your employees as they travel. CFOs, controllers and finance managers are happy that employees are in compliance – and that the software is the enforcer.

To learn more about our mobile web solution and how it will benefit your organisation, schedule a demonstration.

Capabilities snapshot

Mobility Attributes Chrome River Web App Other Vendors’ Mobile Apps
Accessible through Apple and Google App stores Yes Yes
Accessible directly via home screen icon on mobile device Yes Yes
Support biometric authentication Yes Yes
Support single sign-on Yes Yes
Accept receipts by email or within the expense solution Yes Yes
One-touch receipt image upload Yes Varies
Capture and extract receipt data via OCR Yes Varies
Use of rules to interpret and improve OCR data accuracy Yes Varies
Same functionality on mobile as full desktop version Yes Varies
Complete customer / user configurations on mobile app Yes Varies
All UI languages available on any device Yes Varies
Approve / reject individual line items on expense reports Yes Varies
Always on the latest version Yes No
Single version of app for all users (train users once) Yes No
Same user interface across every device / operating system Yes No
Seamlessly move between any device for task completion Yes No
No need for mobile app updates to access new innovation Yes No
Chrome River’s ability to easily integrate into our existing ERP solutions as well as our global travel booking solution were critical. In addition, many of our traveling team predominantly submit expenses from their mobile devices, so Chrome River’s superior mobile offering really stood out to us. We looked at several global expense providers, and Chrome River’s offering was far more innovative and suited for our needs than those of even the largest of its competitors. Chantelle Miller Nutrien

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