Companies of all sizes want to be as efficient as possible, especially when it comes to technologies that touch most of its employees. This is true with expense claims and invoice management. Mid-market organisations are looking for ways to streamline and automate their accounts payable workflow because they know the value of the dollar and the importance of employee productivity. CFOs are continuously tasked with finding ways to reduce spend and prevent fraud, and to provide their teams with the latest technology to get their jobs done. They need to rely on expense reporting software that will evolve as their business grows. They need to rely on expense reporting software that is built to last.

Welcome to The River.

Fast, fluid, mobile expense reports

Modern businesses want solutions to be easy-to-use, fun-to-use, and work every time their users tap the screen. Chrome River delivers this technology with its expense management software. It has a simple, attractive interface that works on any device, anytime, anywhere, and is endlessly configurable to fit the way mid-market organizations work and evolve. Chrome River makes employees happy and lets business flow. CFOs and finance departments couldn’t be happier.

I spend a lot of my time travelling, and I always try to avoid bringing my laptop with me. This means that I need an expense management solution that allows me to both submit my own expenses, as well as approve others, from my iPad or iPhone. With Chrome River MERCURY, I can do both of those with ease. With many business tools, I feel that I miss a lot of the functionality using the mobile app, but MERCURY gives me the same experience regardless of what device I use to access it. Chris Poole President and CEO, JAMS

Around the world... or around the corner

As your companies opens new offices, acquires new divisions, and expands into new geographies, Chrome River grows with you. We deliver our global expense reporting software in multiple languages with hundreds of currencies to make filing expense claims easy no matter the number of borders your business crosses. The interface looks and feels the same whether on a desktop, a laptop, or mobile device – whether in Dutch, Polish, or Japanese. We easily handle tax jurisdictions and currency conversions so your business travelers don’t have to worry. And, we support full per diem functionality that includes access to both statutory rates in specific regions, plus the ability to select other third-party rates such as the Mercer values. Our technical support team speaks your language, too, so help is always available.

Grow stronger with expense policy compliance

Chrome River’s business rules engine can be configured to work the way your organisation works today and grow with you tomorrow. Your specific business rules are built into the solution so that compliance to expense policies and approval routing is enforced. The software notifies users of policy compliance parameters so managers and AP departments don’t have to. It’s like having a good angel on your employees’ shoulders keeping their spending in check.

Spend analysis that tracks your growth

Growing your revenue means growing your operating costs. Chrome River gives your finance department advanced spend analytics and reporting on non-payroll spend. This visibility extends to all your offices and divisions. Monitor non-compliant activity to pinpoint any leaks and keep expense fraud in check. Run reports on your budgets to gather data that will allow you to negotiate with preferred vendors for better prices nationally and internationally.

Your systems will change – and we’ve already planned for that

And you grow organically and acquire new companies, your financial software footprint will evolve. You’ll change TMCs, you’ll need to expand your corporate card programme, you’ll need to expand your finance package. And then you’ll acquire a firm with a different ERP. We get that – and we’re ready for it. Because your organisation is constantly growing and evolving, we make sure our solution integrates seamlessly at every touchpoint along the way. So whether you use SAP or Oracle, American Express or Diners’ Club, Egencia, Sabre, or Amadeus, we handle it all.

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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