Chrome River makes it easy for your employees to submit their expenses. Our intelligent and straightforward common sense solutions mean that your teams spends less time on manual administration tasks, so they can be more productive, spend more time with their families and get reimbursed more rapidly. 

Many organisations’ sales, account management and consulting teams spend much of their time on the road. These groups are often the biggest revenue generators, so they shouldn’t have to spend their time manually working with receipts and spreadsheets, or wrestling with cumbersome expense solutions.

Chrome River gives your team the tools they need to make expense reporting quick and simple, whether they’re road warriors who submit multiple reports each month, or only submit a couple of expenses a year.

Simple solutions for all employees

We understand that expense claims are one of those tasks that employees love to procrastinate over, because it can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. That’s why we designed Chrome River to be easy to use, with a clear, simple look and highly intuitive user interface. Unlike other solutions which use native mobile apps (which can often give different user experiences dependent on what device is being used), Chrome River’s web app approach will give your users the exact same experience, no matter what device they use, so training is a breeze. No more frustrated travellers telling you “but that doesn’t work for me.”

Entering expenses is as simple as Snap & Send. Your team members just need to take a photo of the receipt and email it to their account. Our sophisticated optical character recognition technology does the rest.

This ease of use doesn’t mean that it’s a basic solution though; in fact, it's a global expense management solution. Chrome River is designed to scale to the needs of the world’s largest and most complex organisations. Our solution is available in 26 languages and processes expenses in more than 90 percent of the world’s currencies each year. This is why major national and global companies such Toyota, Harman, Cargill and Hard Rock love working with us.

Easy enforcement of travel and expense policies

Chrome River can be precisely configured to your organisation’s expense and travel policies, so enforcement is straightforward and unambiguous, leading to fewer conflicts. We offer pre-approvals and data integrations into corporate online booking tools, so employees are only able to book travel or claim for per diems within the parameters of the organisation’s policy.

Chrome River is also configurable to ensure that out-of-pocket expenses must adhere to corporate policies before being submitted. Organisations can specify limits on costs such as hotel rates, meals and taxis / ride-shares. These can either be “soft” limits (where employees need to give reasons for expenses above pre-set limits) or “hard” limits, which do not allow expenses to be submitted over an organisation’s limit. These processes not only help enforce policy, but can also reduce the temptation for employees to commit expense fraud.

Chrome River has made my life so much easier approving expenses. We love it! Law Firm 200 Lawyers
We love you guys! Everything is going great. Law Firm 150+ Lawyers

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