Transportation firms are always on the go – moving cargo and passengers around the world. It takes a very mobile expense claim software to keep up with them as they cross borders.

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A typical global Chrome River customer will have operations in at least 20 countries, have multiple general ledgers to allocate expense items to, speak multiple languages, and will require strict compliance to their own unique interpretation of local regulations. So no matter where you look on a map, Chrome River customers are starting expense claims with a receipt photo from their cell phone or a tap of their screen. This is especially true of transportation customers.

One-tap Features Make a Difference

No-one wants to clear a space on the kitchen table to spread out all their receipts and organise an expense claim. Chrome River’s mobile features let users snap and tap their way through all their receipts as they happen – so they’re not stuffing receipts in their pants pockets and losing them in the laundry. One tap features like Snap and Send and Amex real time alerts save time and reduce stress during business trips. Smart OCR (optical character recognition) and automatic hotel folio itemization takes the drudgery out of expense claims and makes it more like a consumer app – fun and fast. 

Because Chrome River is a web application, IT and security teams don’t need to worry about any corporate banking or credit card information being stored on mobile devices if they’re left in the seat back pocket or back of a taxi.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Transportation customers with employees around the globe appreciate Chrome River’s intuitive user interface. It’s so easy to tap the icon of the plane and attach the United ticket receipt. It’s so easy to click the icon of the taxi and attach the taxi receipt from the receipt gallery. These graphical expense mosaics makes it easy for all employees – no matter their native language – to submit expenses. And our global expense management solution is available in 26 languages to meet the needs of all office locations worldwide.

Any Device, Online and Offline

Each department has different requirements for their computing – but when they travel they want convenience (and battery life!). Chrome River’s interface looks and performs exactly the same on every device from the smallest smartphone screen to the largest desktop monitor. And cool features are available in offline mode where there’s limited bandwidth so travellers can still be one step ahead and productive. The Chrome River web app makes it easy to administer the solution across broad geographies, no matter the mobile devices, no matter the network speed. The solution can be rolled out quickly to remote staff and learned easily through the intuitive interface.

Global Solutions for Expenses

Transportation companies have hubs and ports around the world and need the basics like real-time currency conversion. But they also need more complex global expense features like VAT reclamation, per diems, international tax jurisdiction baselines, even fringe benefit tax. Our solution enables transactions from multiple currencies to be submitted on a single report, and allows reimbursements to be made in several currencies. And, our business rules engine addresses all tax requirements – and full sales tax configuration for more than 40 countries. 

Integrated Transactions Let Business Flow

Chrome River integrates with a broad range of systems for travel, financial and HR used across your organisation. Travel managers appreciate our integrations with any travel management company (TMC) and online booking tool (OBT) – because these will change repeatedly as your company grows. Finance teams appreciate integrations with corporate cards, banking partners, and ERP systems. We never lock you into to a fixed list of approved suppliers/vendors, and we never limit your growth or processes by forcing you to adapt to our system. Instead, our system adapts as your organisation changes.

Transportation Customers Love Chrome River

There are over 2 million happy Chrome River users around the world who love submitting expense claims, many at ports and hubs of transportation companies. Learn more about our transportation customers like Classic Aviation by reading their case study or the Bison Transport press release. And be sure to visit our Testimonials page to read our reviews. We want to earn your business and provide mobile expense claim software to your team.

We recently began using Chrome River and it has been a BIG winner here. T&E Expense Supervisor 2000 Employees
It’s obvious that you have very loyal customers. I am jealous of them and want to be where they are. Accounting Operations Manager 700 Employees

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