Getting Started

What to Expect

Chrome River works closely with you to ensure all configuration requirements are clearly identified.  With our "bookends" approach, be assured that someone will be there to guide you smoothly along the way to a successful implementation.  The information presented on this page is designed to help "jump start" the  implementation process by making you aware of who you will be working with, how the project will proceed and what resources and information we recommend gathering as early in the process as possible.

​We've got you covered!

Who You Will Meet - Your Chrome River Project Team

Customer Success Manager (CSM):  Shortly after signing with Chrome River, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will send an email introducing themselves and start the requirements process. The email will include a Configuration Workbook and Project Contact List (find downloadable versions of these documents below). Your CSM will schedule an initial call with you to review the workbook and ensure you understand the information you are being asked to provide. CSMs work closely with you to ensure you understand the implementation process from launch to completion, and that you are prepared to begin the implementation project.

After your project Go-Live, your CSM will re-engage with you to support you through the post Go-Live stabilization period.

Project Manager / Implementation Consultant (PM):  ​Upon completion of your initial discovery information, you will be introduced to your Project Manager. Project Managers are specialists in the analysis, design and implementation of the Chrome River software. They are responsible for managing the project plan, enforcing scope control, coordinating internal resources and ensuring the overall success of the project. Your Project Manager has expertise in expense management business processes and understands how to best translate your business requirements into a Chrome River configuration design that will best meet your needs. S/he will guide you through the design, validation and deployment portions of the project and be your main point of contact throughout the implementation.

​Your implementation will begin with a series of workshops led by your Project Manager. Refer to the Workshops Overview document below for a glimpse of what to expect.

​Your Project Manager will work closely with our talented Chrome River Business and Configuration Analysts, providing them with the information they need to configure rules, scripts and integrations to meet your needs.

Customer Roles & Responsiblities - Your Team

The key to a successful implementation is having the right people involved. A strong project team can mean the difference between smooth sailing and a rocky ride.

Click here for information on how to build your project team.

Accessing your system 

Your Project Manager will provide you with instructions on how to login to your Chrome River instance. We encourage you to login and familiarize yourself with the system as early as possible. The more comfortable you are with the general appearance, navigation and flow of the application, the better positioned you will be to discuss specific changes required for your implementation.

Click here for a Quick Start Guide containing information on how to access your Chrome River instance

You will ultimately have access to two environments, Test (refered to as QA) and Production, however only your Production environment is available at the beginning of the implementation.  Your QA environment will be created before Go Live.  Your implementation team will configure and you will test directly in the Production environment.  Once live operation occurs, any changes must first be made in your QA environment, validated then approved to apply in your Production environment.

Other Important Reference Documents to Help You Get Started!

Click here to download on-boarding and other helpful start-up information

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