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 EXPERT Expense

 EXPERT Invoice


Configuration Workbooks



Design Workshop Preparation Material

  Discovery Workshops Overview - EXPENSE

  Discovery Workshops Overview - INVOICE

  User Interface Workshop - Expense

  User Interface Workshop - Invoice

  User Interface Workshop - Purchase Order

  Credit Card Workshop

  US Bank Statements Workshop

  Travel Integration Workshop

  Rules Overview Workshop - Expense

  Rules Overview Workshop - Invoice

  Direct Pay Employee Reimbursement Workshop

In-Bound Data Feed Specifications

  Data Feed Specifications

 Person Feed Template

 Allocation (Matter) Feed Template

 Entity Feed Template

  Paid Expense Feed Template

  Invoice Vendor Feed Template

  Paid Invoice Feed Template

Out-Bound Standard Export Specifications   Standard Export - Expense
REST API Specifications       REST API Specifications
Receipt Image Retrieval API Specifications for Expense and Invoice   Receipt Image Retrieval API Specification
Receipt Handling / OCR Tips and FAQ

  Receipt Processing Tech Doc

  Receipt Submission Guide

Single Sign On Technical Specifications   SSO Technical Specifications
Chrome River Terminology Guide   Chrome River Terminology Guide
Supported Browser / Device Specifications       System Requirements

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