Implementation Approach

Our approach to making you successful!

One of the first things your Chrome River Project Manager will do is to walk you through our implementation methodology to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how the project will be run. The phases and timelines of the implementation project will vary based on the implementation package purchased, however, below are some key items that apply to all projects.

  • All implementations are configured directly on, what will be your live, production instance: All customers will have access to both a production and test (QA) instance of Chrome River. Throughout the implementation project, however, you wll be working exclusively in your production environment. The test system will be made available to you after production "go live". All configuration is done in production so you can be assured that the system you have been working on from day one is the exact system you are introducing to your company/organization.
  • Configuration Sprints: All configuration requirements will be gathered by your Chrome River Project Manager via a series of  discovery workshops and additional requirement clarification sessions, as needed. When all requirements are fully captured and signed off, we will proceed to configure the system to meet these requirements. You will have the ability to make a round of small changes or "tweaks" to the configuration. These rounds of changes are called sprints and the number of sprints allowed is determined based on the implementation package purchased.  It is important to note that new requirements are not to be introduced in sprints but we do understand the need for small changes or refinements and are happy to work with you on these. Your Chrome River Project Manager will work closely with you to help you understand the types of things that can be addressed in sprints.
  • Project Scope: The implementation package purchased identifies all items that can potentially be part of your implementation project. Not all customers have a need to implement every item available in their package. Your particular project scope will be defined by you and your Chrome River Project Manager. Items that may have been allowed by your implementation package but which you elected not to implement as part of the project cannot be added (without additional cost) once the project concludes.

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