• Simple user interface 
  • Easy expense allocation 
  • Split expense handling 
  • Built-in business rules engine 
  • Compliance Audit functionality
  • Pre-trip authorization 
  • Open integration platform
  • GPS mileage tracking
  • GSA per diem rates
  • Robust analytics
Chrome River provides comprehensive solutions tailored to public sector organizations’ objectives to effectively manage spend and increase compliance, allowing your teams to focus on the mission of your agency.

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Control expense spend and reduce costs

If you’re like most public sector organizations you struggle with manual processes and outdated technology. Chrome River EXPENSE is designed to be extremely easy to use, yet powerful and flexible enough to manage any public agency's security and compliance requirements. Automating expenses from receipt to reimbursement will give your employees the tools they need to accelerate productivity and reduce fraud by eliminating paperwork and increasing compliance.

Proactively manage accounts payable spend

It’s time to modernize your current invoice management process and gain confidence in your procurement cycle. Chrome River INVOICE gives your agency total spend visibility with a modern, easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly capture, store, match and approve invoices, while maintaining your internal approval workflow. Obtain a clear, accurate picture of your organization’s invoice spend, volumes and cycle times with our built-in ANALYTICS tool, enabling your organization to negotiate better rates with suppliers and make data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive integration platform

Chrome River CONNECT provides more integrated ERP, travel booking, and corporate card options than any other spend management provider on the market. Whether you work with a local company or large global provider, we make it easy to do business with the vendor of your choice, hand-in-hand with Chrome River’s solutions.

Robust audit capabilities

Drive compliance and reduce the risk of fraud, waste and abuse. Combining Chrome River’s world class business rules engine with the additional levels of oversight that our Emburse Auditor services can provide, your organization can realize cost savings, drive organizational policy goals, and manage risk effectively.

Built-in controls with Emburse Cards

Emburse Cards give administrators the ability to issue plastic and virtual credit cards with pre-funded controls built right in. With the ability to set date ranges and hard budgets, our credit cards can be issued for a variety of use cases, from travel to perks programs or office supplies. Prior to purchase, users can request funds for a trip or other spend that gets routed for approval before a card is issued. For example, $500 can be requested for a flight. When it’s approved, a new dedicated virtual card can be issued, or an existing card can have its budget updated. After an Emburse Card is swiped, Chrome River receives the transaction details and automatically reconciles the transaction to the employee’s profile.

Identify travel risks for employees

Understanding and mitigating travel risk for your employees is of the utmost importance in order for your team to prepare for and avoid the risks of traveling. Chrome River’s duty of care partnership with WorldAware allows customers to integrate city-specific risk data into their travel approval process. By partnering with Chrome River and WorldAware, agencies with international travelers can ensure their most important assets, their people, avoid risks and have the right data to make smart decisions.

GPS mileage tracking

TripLog Mileage allows travelers to automatically capture and document mileage to help your organization track and reimburse trips with ease. A traveler simply downloads the Triplog mobile app to capture the trip data and travelers can automatically import the drive details into their Chrome River e-wallet for accurate and timely reimbursement, every time.

Advanced analytics reporting

Chrome River ANALYTICS is powered by a world-class business intelligence reporting engine and converts expense spend data into compelling and actionable reports. Reports are created and delivered in an easy-to-use browser-based interface.

System administration and configuration

Emburse Solution Administrator gives large organizations an additional level of support, engagement, configuration and consulting services.  A designated team of expert  Solution Administrators (SA’s) who are familiar with your Chrome River configuration will support your organization’s unique requirements by performing approved system updates and configuration changes on your behalf.

As a government agency, we require a lot of complex rules and approval workflows. Chrome River took the time to really understand our needs, and this level of support was fantastic. Dan Goldie Standards Council of Canada
Chrome River checked all of the boxes that were required in our RFP and scored the highest. Chrome River was willing to create the files needed for uploading into our financial and payroll system. We also liked the mobile app! It appeared easy to use, with simplistic icons associated with the expense type and the effortlessness of taking a picture of a receipt and then the OCR fills out the fields. The Chrome River app makes it easier for reviewers to see all the information in one place without multiple clicks. Accounting Team Stearns County
Chrome River helped our organization show compassion during a global pandemic, by allowing remote employees to expense home office supplies and get reimbursed within just a few days. This made a very challenging time feel more human. Dan Goldie Standards Council of Canada

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