Evolve your team’s purchase process

  • See transactions in real-time as a card is swiped
  • Instantly issue pre-approved physical and virtual cards 
  • Setup proactive, self-enforcing spend controls
  • Seamless ERP integrations and matching GL codes
  • Flexible approval automations and policy controls
  • Save time by automating purchase reconciliation

It's much easier to create a card per vendor [with Emburse Cards] than any other virtual card platform.

Kyle Founder

Modernize how your team pays for its essentials


See spending by location and use card budgets to make larger, single purchases.

Hardware and software

Create one-time use virtual cards for tech purchases while mitigating the potential for duplicates.


Set max budgets for advertising spend and automatically prevent transactions from going over your limits.

Recurring subscriptions

Assign unique virtual cards to each SaaS subscription with auto-enforcing rules and tracking.

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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