Upload Supplier Invoices into Chrome River

Electronic invoicing saves time and money, but receiving and dealing with massive amounts of electronic invoices can be a challenge for accounts payable departments. Does your organization receive a large number of electronic invoices or invoices with a large number of detailed line items from your suppliers? Chrome River eINVOICE makes it easy to upload supplier invoices in bulk directly into the Chrome River INVOICE online workflow approval system through an integrated data exchange service.

Convert different supplier formats to one format

There is little or no IT involvement required. Since suppliers have different formats, we provide your non-IT staff the tools to easily convert these different formats into files that can be imported. All you need to do is create a template for each supplier and setup the appropriate rules for each template. Once you have done that, you can upload the supplier data and it will be converted and imported into Chrome River INVOICE for automated workflow routing. An added benefit is that these templates allow you to capture both supplier-provided data and additional invoice information that your organization can leverage for internal uses like spend management and client billing.

Mapping tool makes it easy

Chrome River’s eINVOICE mapping tool allows you to create templates that convert incoming supplier data files from many proprietary file formats into one that you can use to create eInvoices. You simply create one template for each supplier by mapping their data fields to the corresponding Chrome River fields. The beauty is the template only needs to be set up once per supplier, and you can use it over and over.

Customize your business rules

Once you have setup a template, Chrome River will help you configure the business rules that are checked when an eInvoice data file is submitted. These rules provide nearly unlimited flexibility in validating and populating data, allowing you to create invoice records that contain both supplier-provided data and data required by your organization.

Automatically load and route eInvoice records

After the template has been saved and the corresponding eINVOICE rules have been configured, the eINVOICE mapping template reads and converts the supplier-generated files that you upload into a format that Chrome River can process. Our powerful business rules engine is integrated within eINVOICE, ensuring that the resulting eInvoice records are highlighted for any compliance issues and routed based on invoice-specific conditions for either exception or approval processes.

Efficiency, quality and control

Lighten the load of dealing with a large volume of electronic invoices and invoices with a large number of line items. Free up time to focus on areas of responsibility that need more of your attention. You can trust the quality of the electronic invoice data imported into INVOICE because the electronic invoice fields are automatically mapped to Chrome River’s format. Together, eINVOICE and INVOICE ensure your supplier invoices are securely managed using your organization’s compliance rules, and automated routing eases process handling through to payment.

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  • Easily imports a large volume of electronic invoice/data files into INVOICE
  • Supports multiple invoices in one data file
  • Business Rules Engine controls how fields are populated with valid data and what to do with invalid data
  • Compliance rules can be run on line items
The best part of Chrome River INVOICE is that we have access to all of our invoices online. No more digging through file cabinets for copies of invoices. The rules engine ensures that all invoices are properly approved and the tracking lets us know where it stands in the process. Financial Applications Manager 150 Employees
I started using the new Chrome River INVOICE system the same day I took the training. I "love it"! It makes life so much simpler and the processing time is amazing! I am very happy with the system. Resource Team Lead 1,000 Employees

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