Eliminate Paper Invoice Handling and Data Entry

As part of Chrome River INVOICE, the Chrome River CAPTURE service eliminates the handling and manual data processing of invoices and lowers costs through increased efficiencies. Your AP team will love how CAPTURE eliminates the invoice paper shuffle and mundane invoice data entry, freeing up their time to focus on more analytical and high-level projects.

Eliminate the front-end invoice process

Before an invoice reaches an approver for payment verification, a manual process of entering invoice data takes place. CAPTURE automates all of the steps between the time an invoice is received to the last step when it is routed for approval. CAPTURE eliminates the entire front-end process and delivers accurate invoice data and images to the appropriate approvers – saving time and costs that can be redeployed.

Prepare and scan supplier invoices

With CAPTURE, your suppliers simply send their invoices to a dedicated PO Box, email address or fax number. Chrome River handles the rest. All invoices are gathered, transferred to the secure processing center, opened, cleared of non-pertinent documents, and prepped for scanning. This immediately saves your mailroom and AP staff significant time. Once the invoices have been prepped, they are scanned at a high quality to ensure easy reading by your approvers.

Capture the invoice data and validate

Once the invoice document is saved as an electronic image, the data extraction begins. Using optical character recognition (OCR), key invoice data is extracted from the document and saved. To ensure the data is accurate, a double quality control process with automated and human verification is executed to deliver a 99.5% accuracy rate. The extracted data is then recorded along with the associated invoice image.

Next day delivery of electronic invoices

We handle and deliver your electronic invoices within one business day of receipt. After clearing the CAPTURE handling and processing stages, your invoices are delivered securely to Chrome River INVOICE. Initial automated routing steps can be launched so that your invoices are delivered immediately to the correct AP or approval individuals for expedient processing. Invoices are also securely stored for 60 days. Following this period, these documents are destroyed using secure shredding.

Flexibility to scale up or down

With Chrome River handling all of the requirements of personnel and technology to support your invoice intake processing, your organization can quickly scale up or down as needed. Free yourself from the hassle and expense of maintaining state-of-the-art scanning hardware and software. Achieve immediate gains by going paperless since CAPTURE creates electronic invoices regardless of how your suppliers send them.

Invoices managed and controlled

Your AP users manage and your approvers approve ― that’s how it’s supposed to work. With CAPTURE, all of your invoice handling including pre- and post-processing is provided as an outsourced service. Accompanied with INVOICE, your invoices are then securely managed and controlled using your organization’s compliance rules and automated routing to ease process handling through to payment.

Chrome River CAPTURE security

When you use CAPTURE, you can rest assured knowing your invoice data is secure. Comprehensive document, personnel, and facility security ensure that your invoice documents are secure and inaccessible to outsiders. Data security is also enhanced with updated firewall and antivirus protection from unauthorized intrusion.

Contact us today to find out how easy it is to start enjoying cost and time savings with invoice CAPTURE and the whole invoice processing workflow. Find out how Chrome River lets business flow.


  • Eliminate manual processing and handling of invoices
  • Lower invoice processing costs through streamlined efficiency
  • Increased accuracy with enhanced quality control process
  • Reduce late payments and invoice cycle time
As a direct result of implementing Chrome River INVOICE and CAPTURE, we’ve been able to reduce our firm-wide AP staff 80% by eliminating the need for data entry clerks in remote offices. AP Manager 1,000 Employees

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