A one-stop shop for vendor payments

  • Eliminate tedious, error-prone tasks and find more opportunities for strategic savings
  • Gain more time to spot trends without chasing paper
  • Add a revenue stream by earning cash back on all virtual card payments
  • See everything from in-progress invoices to completed transactions
  • Adapt to any vendor with our flexible solution
  • Mail checks right from the dashboard or pay virtually to earn cash back rewards

Adding Emburse Pay - B2B Payments to Chrome River Invoice was a natural next step for us. After seeing the benefits of increased efficiency and error-free payment processing, we were excited to roll out B2B Payments and complete the AP lifecycle in an automated fashion.

Marissa Navarro Controller
Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

If your AP team relies on multiple systems and manual methods to manage a flurry of vendor payments, you’re not alone. All of those extra steps add up quickly while keeping your team from doing more beneficial work.

It does not just cost you time. Money-saving opportunities, like early payment discounts and card rebates, may be buried under your routine of tracking errors, cutting paper checks, and reconciling payments. 

Emburse Pay – B2B Payments optimizes the entire invoice-through-pay process to increase efficiency, save you time, lower operational costs, and maximize rebates through virtual card spend. It not only handles the import and creation of invoices but the actual payment to vendors. 

This empowers your team to get AP vouchers and POs approved while simultaneously executing electronic payments directly in the same application. You will eliminate the hard costs associated with manual AP processes and accelerate the opportunity to earn rebates and early pay discounts.

A streamlined and integrated approach to invoice payments

  • Flexible electronic payments (like virtual cards and ACH) provide a fast, secure way to pay vendors
  • Virtual card payments streamline the entire invoice-to-pay process and offer incredible savings through rebates
  • Our team delivers a white glove approach and helps your vendors to receive your electronic payments
  • Greater visibility of invoice status reduces potential delays and friction with vendors
  • Optimize cash flow using a complete view of spending in one elegant solution

Do more and cut fewer checks

Simplify everything from remittance to reconciliation—while syncing with your accounting system. You’ll reduce payment execution costs and timelines, opening up the potential to spot trends and create stronger payment strategies.

Flexible electronic payments

Payment options like ACH and virtual cards provide a fast, secure way to pay vendors. We can even handle vendor checks for you, too.

Unite your disconnected process

B2B Payments is the final piece of AP automation. You can easily manage vouchers, approve purchase orders, and pay vendors from a single elegant platform.

We’ll handle the vendor onboarding, too

Our team of experts handles setting up vendors for you. We’ll enable your existing vendors to accept electronic payments, support them as you grow, and automate the entire process.

Identify key vendors

Using a simple report from your ERP, we identify eligible vendors and offer recommendations.

Enable suppliers

We build campaigns so your vendors are set up to accept electronic payments.

Improve relationships

Our team will regularly connect to identify and enable new vendors as you add them.

Add B2B Payments

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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