Multinationals and global organizations build expense policies and compliance rules around these best practice guides for each country in which they do business.

Put an End to Growing Pains

With Chrome River, your users can submit their expenses in more than 30 different languages and be reimbursed in over 160 home currencies. But the challenge is making sure you’re up-to-date with statutory regulations and tax rates for all your international offices.

Trusted Partners for Your Global Business

We’ve teamed with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, USA (PwC) to deliver global baseline templates for expense reimbursement compliance. Together we deliver VAT, GST and other country-specific data as best-practice templates for our customers to deploy to their international subsidiaries. PwC’s deep global reach enables us to maintain current reimbursement and other regulatory rates for dozens of countries worldwide. Through this relationship, international organizations have this data at their fingertips, giving them the up-to-the-minute insight needed to make smarter taxation decisions for expense reimbursement.

Ensure Expense Policy Compliance Wherever Business Takes You

No matter how many borders your business travelers cross, or how many offices you establish around the world, you can rely on Chrome River and PwC for the local rules and regulation baselines. Then from these templates, you can develop local policies to keep your team in check.

Best Practices You Can Trust

With PwC’s unrivalled global taxation and regulatory insight, you can trust that these baselines are seeded with best practices gleaned from years of practice and local experience. Your subscription delivers automatic updates across a wide range of taxation, regulatory and expense data points, such as VAT/GST, mileage reimbursement and meals/lodging rates. Your team can then leverage this data to enable them to follow the complex recovery rules for VAT/GST on employee expenses while adhering to best-practice regulations for items such as receipt retention.

Citizens of the World

Every country has different standards and templates for expense reimbursement, which can be complex to manage. Together we can accurately navigate the myriad of global regulations that relate to employee expenses and make finance teams’ lives much easier. Our relationship with PwC enables customers to remain in compliance with international regulations whenever they are updated...and we know that can change on a dime. You’ll adhere to best-practice regulations while freeing up your finance team to work on other initiatives.


  • General tax treatment and requirements
  • Tax treatment of general reimbursements for benefits in kind
  • Per diem requirements
  • Tax treatment for mileage reimbursement
  • Allowable mileage rates and car plan-specific rates
  • Receipt retention requirements, including originals and other formats
  • Data privacy requirements

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