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Hall & Wilcox needed a central expense and invoice management solution that could easily scale with the firm's growth, while automating mundane tasks so employees would have more time for more meaningful work.

The Challenge

Prior to Chrome River, Hall & Wilcox used an expense solution that had limited capabilities and lacked integration with its financial system. As a firm with complex billing requirements, the AP team had to create manual workarounds to check for duplicate data, and validate that expense reports with billable charges matched the credit card feeds. For invoice management, the firm used a tool that offered some digital functionality, but without automation features like OCR, it was still a largely manual process.

Seeking efficiency gains, Hall & Wilcox wanted a central solution that could automate expense and invoice processes, and enable employees to thrive with more time for meaningful, client-focused work. Desired capabilities included:

  • Integration with the financial system, Aderant
  • Daily credit card data feeds with automatic receipt image matching
  • Cloud-based solution with advanced mobile features to support remote work
  • Automation through custom rules-based compliance and approval workflows

Chrome River supports our “smarter law” culture by providing innovative, constantly evolving technology that helps our firm, our people and our clients thrive.

Melissa Grant,
Financial Controller


Hall & Wilcox is a leading Australian-based law firm, whose “smarter law” approach includes providing innovative technology, pricing and resourcing in order to offer legal solutions that are better, faster and more cost effective. Through this approach, the firm’s mission is to enable its clients, employees and communities to thrive. 

The Chrome River Solution

The firm selected Chrome River because it was the most cost efficient yet feature rich solution on the market, with an excellent reputation in the legal industry. The team felt Chrome River was more innovative and adaptable than other solutions and able to more easily scale to its evolving needs.

According to Melissa Grant, Financial Controller at Hall & Wilcox, Chrome River also stood out because of its collaborative approach to implementation and on-going service: “Chrome River really listens to our needs and works with us to find the best solutions for our business.” Additionally, Chrome River offers a private online community for customers to share best practices and provide product feedback. “The community has been really valuable in terms of shared learning opportunities and connecting with other users, both in and out of the legal industry. I have found it to be a unique resource that many other providers do not offer,” said Melissa.

Chrome River has a very collaborative, human approach to working with customers, and sincerely wants us to succeed.

Melissa Grant,
Financial Controller

The Results

Chrome River’s integration with Aderant, daily credit card feeds, and mobile features like Snap & Send and OCR completely streamlined Hall & Wilcox’s expense and invoice processes, while enabling work from anywhere, anytime. Users can easily submit expense reports and invoices with a few clicks of their mobile device, and managers can approve directly via email – this saves everyone time and makes approvals and reimbursements much faster. Not only has this improved morale, but it aligns with the firm’s mission to provide innovative technology solutions for its employees and clients.

Automated rules and workflows in Chrome River have improved compliance and eliminated the risk of duplicate data and the need for manual validation – saving the finance team more than 20 hours per month that can be spent on more analytical work to support the firm’s growth. The team can now easily manage a considerably greater volume of invoices, credit card expenses and employee reimbursements without an increased level of manual processing. Additionally, features like Pre-Approval for EXPENSE and Purchase Order for INVOICE provide further automation and cost control as the firm navigates changing conditions related to the global pandemic. 

Why Chrome River

Hall & Wilcox selected Chrome River because of its excellent customer service and its ability to automate tasks so employees can focus on more meaningful work. Benefits include:

  • Humanized work and improved morale by eliminating mundane AP tasks. 
  • Integrated with financial system, automated workflows, and saved the finance team more than 20 hours per month.
  • Enabled flexible work with intuitive mobile features for easier on-the-go submissions and quicker, more efficient approvals. 
  • Helped the finance team cope with increased volume as the firm grew, without requiring new headcount.

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