Harvey (on right) and Alan Rich

 Those of you who have known Chrome River since its early days back in 2007 – and Elite before that – will likely also know of Harvey and the deep impact he had on both organizations. Harvey founded the “original” Elite back in 1946, that started with office equipment such as typewriters and calculator sales and repair. This business quickly grew to be one of the most successful Sony dictating machine sales resellers in the country.

Harvey then in 1988, along with his son Alan, transitioned the business (fashionably known now as a ‘pivot’) to become Elite Data Processing, which created financial management software for law firms. Together, they took the company from a startup to a successful acquisition by Broadway & Seymour in just six short years. Harvey and Alan subsequently took Elite public after it spun off from Broadway & Seymour in 1999, and then it continued to thrive and expand until later being acquired by Thomson in 2003.

While the name of the company changed over those years, the fundamental culture never did. Harvey’s honesty, integrity and caring not only for his employees but also his strong commitment to his customers was always present long after he had retired.

In 2007, when Alan and I founded Chrome River, Harvey was an original investor in the business. Harvey played a significant role in the company’s early development, and provided leadership and counsel for the senior team as we took it from its inception to the successful organization that it has become. He continued to be a mentor to the company throughout its growth, and I know that I speak for many when I say that he was a father figure and true friend to much of the team here. Personally I will add that I am a better version of myself due to his influence.

Harvey was deeply respected and loved across the industry, and his guidance and friendship will be sorely missed not just at Chrome River but by anyone who ever had the fortune of interacting with him. On behalf of our whole team, I offer my condolences to Alan, as well as his brother Steven and sister Yvonne, and their families.

 Alav ha-Shalom.


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