Business travel that takes you to destinations throughout the Americas will result in a higher hotel bill then staying elsewhere, according to info from the hotel industry data company of STR Global. The May report found the trend has been for hotels in North, Central and South America to keep increasing their average daily hotel rate (ADR), while other areas across the globe are enjoying hotel rates that are going down. 

Hotels in the Americas 

Occupancy rates were up by 0.5 percent across the board in the Americas, bringing the total to 67.1 percent. The average daily rate increased 4.1 percent to $121.26. 

Highest ADR increase: Chicago saw the highest increase, with the ADR rising 11.4 percent for a total of $163.53 per night. 

Biggest ADR decreases: Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paula saw the biggest rate decreases. The former dropped 29.4 percent to a rate of $143.64 while the latter dipped 26.3 percent to a rate of $112.43. 

Hotels in Europe 

Occupancy rates were up 0.7 percent across the board, giving Europe a 74.1 percent occupancy rate total. ADR decreased 13.2 percent for the US dollar, bringing the average daily rate to $128.56. However, there was a 7.5 percent ADR increase in euros to 116.97. 

Highest ADR increase: Milan nabbed the slot for the highest increase, with the ADR rising 35.8 percent for a total of 167.74 euros. 

Biggest ADR decrease: St. Petersburg saw the biggest decrease, dropping 44.7 percent to an ADR of 86.04 euros. 

Hotels in the Asia-Pacific Region 

Occupancy rates in the region increased 1.4 percent overall, bringing the occupancy rate total to 68.1 percent. The average daily rate decreased 6.9 percent, bringing the ADR down to $105.54. 

Highest ADR increases: Osaka reported the highest increase in ADR, with a 24.5 percent rise in rates in local currency. Tokyo took second place, with a 12.2 percent ADR increase in local currency. 

Biggest ADR decrease: The most sizable ADR decrease was seen in Hong Kong, with a reduction of ADR by 15.6 percent. 

Hotels in Africa and the Middle East 

Occupancy was up 3 percent, bringing the region’s occupancy rate to 65.1 percent. A 5.7 percent decrease in ADR brought the cost down to $142.54. 

Highest ADR increase: The biggest increase was 8.2 percent in Doha, Qatar, landing the ADR at $192.90. 

Biggest ADR decrease: The largest ADR drop was 15.8 percent in Amman, Jordan, reducing rates to $157.74. 

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