Finding just the right solutions and service providers for your firm can be a harrowing task, involving extensive time, effort and willingness to trust unknown providers. Finding just the right customers for the solutions and services your own company offers can be just as time consuming and extensive.  

Both problems can be solved, however, with the same strategic move Chrome River Technologies made years ago by partnering Thomson Reuters Elite. 

Strategic Alliance 

Thomson Reuters Elite has been a major player in the legal and professional services market over the past six decades. It offers an array of practice and financial management systems to clients in more than 30 countries. 

Chrome River provides online expense reporting and invoice management solutions that not only meet the specific needs of Thomson Reuter clients but also integrates seamlessly into Thomson Reuter’s widely used systems. 

As Chrome River co-founder and COO Dave Terry pointed out in Chrome River’s Partner Spotlight Video, Chrome River’s expense reporting and invoice solution acts as a front end system for all Thomson Reuter Elite management systems. 

Unlike many other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, Chrome River software goes far beyond basic expense and travel control features, offering highly specialized travel expense management and invoice processing automation. 

Additional benefits include ease-of-use, the ability to submit reports from desktop or mobile devices, and automated routing to the right party for approval. Advanced control features can even stop an expense report’s submission in its tracks if more information is needed before it can be sent for approval. 

With Chrome River added to the prestigious directory of Thomson Reuter Elite partners, potential clients can easily find and trust the solutions they seek in the way of expense and travel software automation. 

Extensive Benefits 

Chrome River likewise benefits from the partnership with perks provided to all Thomson Reuters Elite partners. These include an extended salesforce that promotes awareness of its own as well as partner products and services, ample opportunities for collaborations with fellow partners and clients, and access to the annual Vantage Conferences. 

Thomson Reuters Elite hosts major industry events and online seminars every year, providing its global client base with knowledge, tools and networking integral for innovation and success. 

The partnership between Chrome River and Thomson Reuters Elite is a mutually beneficial one that is rife with opportunities for growth, advancement and meeting the goals of both organizations. And, as Chrome River’s Terry noted in the video, the greatest goal of all is providing quality solutions and services to the customers. 

See how your company can benefit from expense management software from Chrome River.


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