• Custom report building sessions
  • Schedule recurring reports
  • Establish report bursting to various recipients
  • Ongoing report engine training and configuration

Powerful business intelligence and reporting capabilities to maximise your spend data and gain unique insights into your travel, expense and accounts payable spending patterns.

Emburse Insight Advisor works with your teams to create dashboards and reports built on best practices to help you make more informed decisions.

Your data, your way

A designated team of expert Emburse Insight Advisors, who are familiar with your business objectives, work with you to turn your Chrome River data into consumable information tailored specifically to your needs. Unlock actionable insights into your organisation's spending patterns.

Make your data work for you

Your data is valuable. Don’t let it stay locked away in various systems. Leverage a team of proactive reporting experts, knowledgeable in industry trends, to assist you in interpreting data and uncovering deep insights to make informed decisions across your entire business.

Find savings efficiently

Comprehensive reporting that once took weeks to produce can now be generated in a fraction of the time, providing you the visibility you need to negotiate with suppliers, forecast budgets and prevent fraud.

Chrome River has enabled us to continue with business as usual, even as we’ve had to transition to working remotely. The automated technology drives so much of the processing that we can use the solution anywhere, anytime without interruption to our usual workflow. Cameron Cook Real Capital Solutions

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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