Transform expense data into actionable reports

Chrome River ANALYTICS is powered by a world-class business intelligence reporting engine and converts expense spend data into compelling and actionable reports. Reports are created and delivered in an easy-to-use browser-based interface. Users can generate the most intricate reports and analyses on their own, enabling data-driven, cost-saving business decisions.

Standard report package

Chrome River ANALYTICS delivers a bundled set of standard reports. These reports allow for limitless customization with easy on-screen filters, groupings, column selections and more. Create reports to analyse business concerns and other data that you want to analyze for cost savings.

Write custom reports

Chrome River provides flexibility through a browser-based report writer, so custom reports can be created. Select the data you want and easily construct a report of almost any type.

Improve business by analysing data

Many Chrome River customers love to:

  • Analyse spend by expense category to uncover strategic sourcing opportunities and areas for better negotiated rates (like hotels, car rentals, etc.). This can deliver savings that exceed 20% of total annual spend.
  • Pull together in-process credit card and out-of-pocket spend that are not yet exported from to the financial system. Customers love the insight into accruals and the help this gives to period-end close.
  • Aggregate all expenses associated with sales. This gives tremendous insight to the true cost of sales and the ROI associated with different sales activities.
  • Track KPIs such as open approvals aging to fix reimbursement bottlenecks.
  • Spot individuals and groups that are at higher risk for policy violations and target for audits.

Receive answers to business concerns

Manipulate report contents into diverse permutations and forward them to management in formats such as HTML, PDF or Excel, to improve cost efficiencies and facilitate collaborative decision-making.


  • Powerful but easy, browser-based reporting
  • Reports to charts in a single click
  • Dynamic grouping and sorting
  • Simple drill-downs to detail
  • Pivot table analysis
  • Export reports to many formats
  • Schedule reports and automated emails of information
Chrome River is a huge time savings for us and it's enabled us to refrain from hiring new people as we grow. Analytics reports are very helpful and we are identifying ways we can save money and where we might have been entitled to credits on corporate credit cards. AP Manager 2,000 Employees

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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