Organisations of all sizes rely on SaaS solutions to improve the user experience, free up internal IT resources and lower the total cost of ownership. With Chrome River, your finance and travel teams can benefit from constant innovation and a secure, scalable and robust solution, while your users have an elegant, easy-to-use solution that works perfectly on any device, no matter where they are.

No hardware

Our SaaS solution allows you to avoid the investment in hardware while receiving an incredibly powerful and resilient service offering. Your employees can use their desktop, laptop, phone, or even a tablet to use Chrome River. This BYOD philosophy helps keep business travellers productive – even when battery life forces them to switch devices.

No software

Chrome River does not require complex license agreements. All software upgrades are included in the price.

No obligation

Knowing that your organisation is not locked-in to a long-term commitment, Chrome River works extra hard to make sure our customers are happy.

No administration

Your internal staff doesn’t need to become experts on another application. Chrome River runs the application, tunes the database, manages the security, oversees performance, handles the upgrades, keeps the data backed up, and deals with systems integration. There are no additional fees for your global expense and invoice management system to perform at the highest level and to deliver service anytime, anywhere.

No desktop integration

Since Chrome River is a SaaS-based solution, all you need is a browser. Just point to our application’s web address and you're in business.

No complex implementation

Don't worry about another time-consuming, high-risk, over-budget implementation. SaaS is all about simplicity. Chrome River embraces that philosophy and requires minimal training for users to immediately begin seeing benefits and letting business flow.

Leverage our secure infrastructure

With state-of-the-art physical security and systems redundancy, the world-class hosting facilities used by Chrome River provide an exceptionally robust, reliable systems environment that we are confident will meet and exceed your own requirements and capabilities. Our data centres are continuously monitored (24 x 7 x 365) by automated tools and trained operations personnel.


  • No hardware
  • No software
  • No long-term commitment
  • Low investment
  • Low effort
  • Low risk
Our secretaries are jumping for joy over how much they love the new Chrome River system. Accounts Payable Manager 2000 Employees

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