Identifying which sales expenses drive the most revenue enables sales leaders to invest in the people and the programs that deliver the biggest benefits for your organization. Chrome River gives sales leaders the insight to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

While it’s true that every organisation needs to control its employees’ expenses, they shouldn’t always be viewed as a cost center that needs to be reduced as much as possible. Just like R&D initiatives or staff training programs, expenses can be an effective investment in the future of the business.

Smart sales leaders recognise that a single face-to-face meeting can have a much greater impact for closing a big deal than 50 emails and conference calls. They also know that investments made by account managers in customer programs can pay major dividends for growing additional revenues and maintaining customer loyalty. However, the challenge that many companies face, is that decisions about how and when sales teams should invest in in-person meetings and other initiatives are often based on anecdotal evidence. Individuals and teams may overstate the benefit of a cross-country trip or tickets to a sports game, in order to save face or ensure that they don’t lose their T&E budgets next year.

Data-driven Expense Budget Decisions

By integrating itemised expense data with sales and CRM solutions such as Salesforce, sales leaders can obtain detailed insight into which expenses deliver the most return. Which of your sales team gets the biggest return from their face-to-face meetings? Do all prospect types respond the same way to corporate hospitality? How much does an expense dollar earn for different customers in different markets? Combining Chrome River’s expense data and deep analytical capabilities with detailed sales information from CRM solutions, organisations can make more informed decisions on how to best deploy their expense budgets.

Works where your sales team works

Chrome River is highly mobile expense management software. It integrates with all major corporate travel booking tools and travel agencies, so flight and hotel booking charges will automatically appear as line items on their expense report. For organisations that don’t have a corporate travel partner, your team can simply forward booking emails from their travel provider, and our intelligent system can automatically extract all transaction data.

Expense creation is just as easy on the road. Using our Snap & Send capabilities, all your travelers need to do is take a photo of a receipt from their cell phone and email it to Chrome River. Our sophisticated optical character recognition algorithms extract all information, such as amount, date and merchant, and can even allocate an expense category.

Submitting expense reports on the road is equally simple, as Chrome River works just the same regardless what device your sales team is using. Our HMTL5-based responsive web design solution can be used from any mobile device without the need for a feature-limited native app, and provides both the same functionality and the same look and feel, whether on an iPhone, Android phone, tablet or laptop. This is future-proof expense report software.

Keep your stars happy

We understand the pressures of being on the road. Don’t make your team give up valuable personal time on the weekends having to get caught up with expense reports. With Chrome River EXPENSE’s mobile capabilities, expense reports can be submitted before your sales stars have exited the jetway. This keeps morale high, frustration low, and the quarter’s sales targets in the bag.

Chrome River blows Concur away, not just for legal, but it’s a better system overall. Industry Consultant Concur Expense project implementation experience
Chrome River has made my life so much easier approving expenses. We love it! Law Firm 200 Lawyers

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