Consulting firms around the globe need a mobile expense management solution for their road-weary consultants. The solution should almost write the expense claim as charges are being incurred – and – be smart enough to include client-billable and non-client-billable expenses on the same claim.

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Mobile expense management was practically made for consultants. They devote so much time traveling to assist customers, and are often embedded at the customer’s site for months. They need special considerations for per diems, laundry, and entertainment on their assignments. And, they shouldn’t have to worry about expense reimbursement times given the level of travel- and work-related stress they’re already under.

One Expense Report for Multiple Clients

Consultants might travel to two or three different clients every week – or be relocated on-site with just one client for several months. Having flexible expense management solutions that can easily allocate charges to multiple projects is a requirement. Chrome River expense claims can include charges whether it’s all for one client, different expenses for different clients, or even a single expense line item split amongst multiple clients (think airfare to visit two clients in the same city).  Being able to include client-billable and non-client-billable charges on the same report helps speed submissions because it’s completely intuitive for users and approvals since line items may be routed for approval individually.  This means that client-billable charges may be approved ASAP – crucial for timely client billing - even while non-billable expenses are routed separately. And, users don’t need a PhD in General Ledger or client project codes to properly map expenses – all that is done behind the scenes with Chrome River’s business rules engine.

Mobile Capabilities

The life of a consultant on the road can be summed up by one image: the battery life icon on their mobile devices. They are constantly switching back and forth between devices and need an expense app that moves with them. And, they can’t be caught off-guard with device-specific apps that need to be updated – they need a web application that looks and functions the same on every device, all the time. After all, they can’t afford to lose any work shuffling back and forth between devices. Let’s be honest, too, firms need the extra security knowing that if a cell phone or tablet is lost, company and personal banking details can’t be accessed through the app.

Global Reach

With consultancies serving customers around the globe, they need a global expense management solution that travels with them, no matter how many borders they cross, currencies they convert, or languages they speak. Chrome River includes access to both statutory rates in specific regions, plus the ability to select other third-party rates such as the Mercer values. The traveler is presented with a simple per diem wizard that will track the location, dates and time of the trip to ensure the correct rates and tax amounts are applied. Our country / jurisdiction baselines also include specific expense types for personal vehicle reimbursement, per diem, and fringe benefit tax, as examples.

Integrations to Make Life Easier for the Business Traveler 

Business travelers are used to perks. So be sure to give them integrations with Uber, Sabre/GetThere, and automated hotel folio parsing so their expense reports practically organise themselves. Let’s give them sophisticated OCR on Snap & Send receipts so that the system recognises meals by the time of day and venue. Give them integration with corporate card programmes so that they can drag charges from their monthly statement onto their expense claim to save manual typing. 

Consulting Firms Love Chrome River

Consultants love expense claim software from Chrome River. Be sure to read through all the case studies on the right side of the page – just some of the consulting companies that make up some of the 1 million happy users of Chrome River. And be sure to visit our testimonials page, too, for more quotes from happy customers. Chrome River lets business flow.

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