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After First Busey made an internal decision to go with Concur, we ran into a counterpart from a financial institution that was using Chrome River who said, “Take a look at Chrome River before you make your final decision." We’re glad we did.
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The Challenge

Like other organisations that have a completely manual expense management process, First Busey Corporation reached a point where it became necessary to automate the complete expense workflow process that included spreadsheets, Scotch tape, staplers, lost paperwork and duplicate payments. From creating an expense claim, to approval, to submitting to AP for reimbursement, First Busey wanted something that was easy to use both for employees and the AP department, and a solution that provided detailed analytics reporting to management.

First Busey also sought a solution that could grow and evolve with the company as it anticipated mergers in the future. Finding a flexible, mobile solution that provided visibility into spend was key.

The Chrome River Solution

During the due diligence process, the First Busey team discovered that they preferred Chrome River, because it wasn’t rigid and inflexible. They found Chrome River to be agile and accommodating, and its software highly configurable to meet the company’s evolving business needs. The simple, easy-to-use interface could be made even easier through configurations. First Busey felt Chrome River would be more nimble and responsive to its needs than the larger competitor they considered.

Chrome River set up special credit card program configurations to handle unusual credit card requests, one of them being whether an individual should be paid or the credit card company should be paid.

Another reason Chrome River was selected was its easy integration with the Prologue financial system and the company’s Visa credit card program.

Training couldn’t have been simpler. Chrome River trained the trainers, and the trainers created a short PowerPoint deck that covered the quick steps of how to enter and submit an expense claim. The deck was made available to all employees, who were free to review the deck on their own prior to rollout. The users were also referred to the Chrome River help desk for additional training tools.

We trusted Chrome River to implement a solution that would be configured to meet our business needs.

Sally Bauer, AVP/Accounting Operations Manager


First Busey consists of three wholly-owned subsidiaries, Busey Bank, with banking centers in Illinois, Missouri, Florida, and Indiana, Busey Wealth Management, and Firstech, a remittance processing company. First Busey is headquartered in Champaign, Illinois.


The results for First Busey are clear. Prior to Chrome River, rejecting out-of-compliance expenses and making follow-up calls caused friction between AP and the company’s departments. Since implementing Chrome River, that friction has gone away. Now, the software manages the enforcement of business rules, and automated approval routing means an end to follow-up phone calls and emails by the AP department – saving time and money, and alleviating tension.

A process that used to take two weeks from expense report submission to reimbursement now takes a maximum of two days.

First Busey is pleased that Chrome River help desk staff are located and trained at Chrome River’s corporate headquarters in Los Angeles. Their service is excellent, prompt, and courteous – and they keep First Busey apprised on the status of support cases. Some of the First Busey employees grow their knowledge of Chrome River software through Chrome River University courses that are offered from the help desk. As new expense categories and departments are added, First Busey receives prompt turnaround on its configuration requests.

If employees are on the road, it’s simple to ‘Snap & Send’ pictures of receipts and submit them to Chrome River. Everyone at First Busey is enjoying the ease of use – employees, AP staff and managers alike.

After three mergers in less than two years, First Busey knows it has found a solution that is flexible, adaptable, and able to evolve with the company. I continue to highly recommend Chrome River to other companies that are searching for a new expense management solution.

Why Chrome River

First Busey felt that Chrome River was the best solution to automate its manual expense management process as it is the most agile, flexible and easy-to-use solution.

  • Ease of use
  • Built-in business rules
  • Built-in approval routing
  • Flexibility
  • Visibility into expense approval processes
  • Analytics reporting visibility
  • Full mobility for travellers
  • Reduced turnaround time for expenses

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