Successful accounting firms are increasingly embracing cloud-based expense and invoice management technology to reduce cost and human error, streamlining processes for centrally managing expenses and invoices, and gaining visibility into key financial data. Chrome River provides accounting firms with innovative solutions built for long-term growth and client satisfaction.

Welcome to The River.

Chrome River is the choice of hundreds of organisations worldwide for streamlining AP workflows. The cloud-based Chrome River suite automates every step of expense and invoice management processes for improved operational efficiencies. By leveraging Chrome River’s advanced reporting capabilities, accounting firms obtain greater visibility into key financial data.

Switch from manual to automated AP workflows

Manual processes for expense reporting and invoice processing are expensive, error-prone and highly inefficient. With EXPENSE and INVOICE, Chrome River provides market-leading tools for the entire accounts payable workflow process (Five-Star Rating by CPA Practice Advisor). Workflows for billable clients can be integrated and easily automated to simplify the expense reporting process and accelerate reimbursements from clients. 

Embrace a truly mobile solution

Chrome River’s intuitive interface leverages web app technology to provide the same user experience across any device. Expense report creation, submission, and approvals, as well as invoice automation including PO matching and electronic payments can all be managed on the go.

Minimize fraud

Controlling compliance to expense policies can be difficult. By automating policies inside Chrome River’s business rules engine, employees are alerted to preferred vendors, per diem rate caps, and even hotel limits.

Integrate with existing systems

Data integrations are key for both business travelers and finance teams. Chrome River syncs with Lyft, Uber, supports hotel folio parsing, Snap & Send receipt capture, and integrates with all leading online booking tools, travel management companies, corporate cards, and financial software and ERPs.

Corporate card reconciliation

Chrome River integrates with leading card programs. The charges on your corporate cards can automatically populate a new expense report. Receipts will be seamlessly merged with your credit card transactions. Reconcile monthly corporate card statements by simply dragging and dropping.

Drive long-term growth

Chrome River’s advanced business intelligence reporting engine converts expense spend data into compelling and actionable reports. Obtain a clear, accurate picture of your organisation’s spend with our robust ANALYTICS tool, enabling your AP to make data-driven decisions.

We are excited to see the potential of Chrome River and the customizability of the reports and information. It has been a great choice and we are looking forward to seeing where it takes us! Isaac Paige RSM US LLP

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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