Central to everything we do at Chrome River is making lives easier for our users to submit and manage their expenses. Whether it’s creating a user interface that makes it easy to submit expenses on any device, or eliminating the need to manually enter line items from a hotel folio, we understand that the more time we can save our users on their expenses, the more time they can spend with being productive on the road, or with their loved ones at the end of a trip.

We’re therefore delighted to announce the integration of Chrome River EXPENSE with Lyft for Business, to make expensing Lyft business rides even easier. Activating it couldn’t be simpler. All Lyft riders need to do is select Chrome River under business profile expense management settings to enable automatic receipt forwarding within their Lyft business profile.

To get started:

  • If you aren’t yet a Lyft customer, download the Lyft app to your iPhone or Android phone and create your account
  • Sign up for a business profile at lyft.com or within the app, using your work email address
  • In the top left corner of your Lyft mobile app, tap your profile picture and select “Settings”
  • Tap “business profile” and select “Expense management”
  • Choose Chrome River from the list

Once this has been done, users just need to select their business profile when ordering a ride. Then, as soon as the ride is over, the receipt – including amount, map, and class of ride – will automatically be sent to the rider’s Chrome River account. Chrome River then extracts this data, creates an expense item, and you’re ready to go – all without a single click.

Businesses can take advantage of auto expensing by creating a Lyft for Business account and inviting their employees to create a Lyft Business Profile. 


Our choice of Chrome River EXPENSE was made in part due to the very user-friendly interface, easy configurability, and the clear commitment to impactful customer service – all aspects in which Chrome River was the clear winner. While Chrome River is not as large as some of the other vendors we considered, we found that to be a benefit and our due diligence showed that it could support us as well as any large players in the space, along with a personalized level of customer care. Sally Abella, Director of Corporate Travel Harman International
We are excited to be able to enforce much more stringent compliance to our expense guidelines and significantly enhance our expense reporting and analytics. By automating these processes, we will be able to free up AP time formerly spent on manual administrative tasks, and enhance the role by being much more strategic. Ben Zastrow Zelle
Users Rate Chrome River over Concur for Global Expense Management

Users Rate Chrome River over Concur for Global Expense Management

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